January 17th, 2019

Preventing malaria in Malawi

By Sulz, Dave on August 4, 2018.

University of Lethbridge students make health promotion visit

Kristine Bellingham


In May of this year, 15 University of Lethbridge students, along with two professors, embarked on a health promotion journey to Malawi, Africa.

Malaria is an illness which many Malawians have become too accustomed to and has great impact on the health and survival for children under five and pregnant women. The anopheles mosquito carries a parasite that infects the blood of the carrier and causes diarrhea, vomiting and fatigue. For some communities the nearest clinic for medications is 25 kilometres away and for most Malawians, their mode of transportation is their two bare feet.

Malaria is treatable with medication, but it is better to prevent than cure. With over $22,000 raised for the purchase of mosquito nets, 5,000 homes would be able to receive a necessary product for preventing malaria.

How does one decide which family is in need? As one of the students on this trip, seeing the amount of people who need a net that costs around $5 was dumbfounding.

In the picture above, Aaron Maluwa has the difficult task of taking names for the distribution of the last mosquito nets. Aaron had mentioned to the team of students that this is their only chance to get a mosquito net, and how could these mothers pass up that prospect for a net.

So once again this picture does not have a thousand words, but the difference one person can make is worth a thousand words.

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