December 19th, 2018

Interfaith looks to provide lunch kits for lower-income students

By Mabell, Dave on August 10, 2018.

Dave Mabell

Lethbridge Herald

Parents, rejoice! Less than one month until school starts!

And Lethbridge service agencies are already planning to make that back-to-school experience easier for lower-income families. The Interfaith Food Bank has launched a drive to provide lunch kits to 1,200 girls and boys next month.

Since 2013, points out Interfaith executive director Danielle McIntyre, the city’s food banks and related agencies have worked together to expand their back-to-school programs. By working with the school districts, they’ve been able to ensure there are school supplies for each child who needs them.

“This annual collaborative effort has now become the main venue for supporting families as they prepare for children to return to school, and provides not only back-to-school supplies but also connections with local community supports ranging from health and wellness to recreational services,” she says.

So while the schools can handle the learning materials, the food banks can help with healthy lunches and snacks.

“This year we will focus again on recruiting lunch kits and health back-to-school snack items such as granola bars, fruit cups, juice boxes and fresh fruits and vegetables,” McIntyre says.

“While we will still ensure all school supply donations make their way to schools, Interfaith Food Bank has committed to providing 1,200 children with lunch kits, and (we) are encouraging community members to donate.”

Local clubs, businesses and organizations will assist in collecting supplies for the children, she adds. Groups who would like to help are asked to contact McIntyre at Interfaith.

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