February 21st, 2019

Alberta’s tax regime today’s SACPA topic

By Lethbridge Herald on September 20, 2018.

Lethbridge Herald
Alberta’s budget documents show that applying the tax system of any other province to Alberta would raise a minimum of $11.2 billion in additional annual revenue, more than covering the projected $8.8-billion deficit in this year’s budget.
Today, during the regular weekly SACPA session, set for noon at the Royal Canadian Legion, speaker Joel French will present: “Alberta’s Tax Regime is the Lowest in Canada — Is a Revenue Reno Needed to Maintain Strong Public Services?”
French, executive director of Public Interest Alberta, has served in staff positions with Friends of Medicare and former Alberta NDP Leader Brian Mason.
French will contend universal pharmaceutical coverage could become part of our public health-care system and would actually be a net saving for Albertans while improving the health of our population.
The speaker will argue that reliance on non-renewable resource revenues and the present tax regime is unsustainable.
One path is massive cuts to our public services, meaning big drops in the quality and accessibility of our health-care and education systems. Alternatively, our tax system can be renovated to raise significantly more revenue by implementing a sales tax and making changes to our personal income tax system.

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