February 21st, 2019

‘Vital Signs’ by the numbers

By Mabell, Dave on October 5, 2018.

Lethbridge Herald

The latest “Vital Signs” report, issued by the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta, is full of fascinating facts.

Did you know . . .

– Wind power: our region’s 21 wind farms have 525 turbines, energizing 102,506 homes at peak production

– Food production: in 2017 our producers grew 751.9 million kilograms of potatoes on 61 farms, and 619.1 million kg of sugar beets on 138 farms

– Biological diversity: the Castle Provincial Parks are home to 25 species of fish, 59 kinds of mammals and more than 800 vascular plant species

– Languages: 81 per cent speak English as their primary language, one per cent speak French, four per cent are bilingual – but 3,680 also speak Blackfoot and 4,385 regularly speak two or more languages at home

– Immigration: 13 per cent have moved to Canada, three per cent within the last five years

– Education: 85 per cent are high school graduates, 56 per cent have attended college or university

– Income: six per cent report income over $100,00, nine per cent less than $10,000

– Urban/rural: 16 per cent live in communities with fewer than 1,000 people

– Voter turnout: 54 per cent voted in the 2017 municipal election in Raymond, 53.7 per cent in Fort Macleod, 52 per cent in Claresholm, 44 per cent in Milk River – but just 27.1 per cent in Lethbridge

– Federal election: 68.9 per cent voted locally in the 2015 federal election, 53.1 per cent for that year’s provincial election

Copies of Vital Signs are available at the Foundation office, 1202 2 Ave. S.

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