May 25th, 2019

First Check Stop nabs four impaired drivers

By Shurtz, Delon on December 6, 2018.

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Lethbridge police charged four people with impaired driving during the kickoff of the 2018 Christmas Check Stop campaign on the weekend.

Police also arrested two suspended drivers, issued 26 tickets under the Traffic Safety Act and Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act, charged two people with resisting arrest and suspended two drivers for consuming alcohol.

Although the primary goal of the Check Stop program is to apprehend impaired drivers because of the significant risk they pose to public safety, police will also check for valid documentation, including driver’s licences, vehicle registration and insurance, as well as equipment, liquor and other violations. A combination of traditional Check Stops will be set up at various locations and officers will also conduct targeted, mobile enforcement.

Police remind motorists that administrative penalties are in effect for drivers caught with a blood-alcohol concentration of over .05 per cent. At .05 per cent drivers will face an immediate three-day licence suspension and three-day vehicle seizure for a first offence. Individuals with a graduated driver’s licence who register any alcohol in their blood face an immediate 30-day licence suspension and seven-day vehicle seizure.

All drivers charged with impaired driving will have their licence suspended immediately for 90 days followed by a one-year ignition interlock. Their vehicle will be seized for three days on a first offence and seven days for subsequent offences.

Driving privileges will be further suspended and offenders will face fines or a jail sentence if they are convicted.

Anyone who sees a suspected impaired driver can call 911 immediately if it is safe and lawful to do so, and police remind anyone who is planning to drink to arrange for a safe ride home by a designated and sober driver, a taxi, public transportation or a drive-home service, such as Operation Red Nose.

Police say the Christmas Check Stop Campaign, which will target impaired drivers throughout the holiday season, will continue into the New Year.

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