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Odds against a white Christmas for Lethbridge

By Lethbridge Herald on December 21, 2018.

Bo the dog uses the snow-free weather to take his owner on a walk through the river valley in Popson Park, Wednesday evening. @GBobinecHerald

Dave Mabell
Lethbridge Herald
A traditional “white Christmas” for Lethbridge. Or a balmy brown one?
As of Friday, forecasters were giving the Lethbridge area just a 40 per cent chance of snow on or before Dec. 24. But temperatures will be falling, snow or no snow.
After weeks of late-fall weather, with daytime highs creeping past 10 C on occasion, Environment Canada and the Weather Network both say we’re in for more typical temperatures in coming weeks.
For now, the Weather Network predicts we’ll continue with sunny skies and afternoon highs of 3 or 4 C through Monday. But that could change to -4 C on Christmas Day, when we could see one to three centimetres of snow, with overnight lows of -10.
Both Dec. 25 and 26, forecasters see a 40 per cent probability of flurries, dropping to 20 per cent later in the week.
The folks at Environment Canada see weather systems moving a little faster. They’re expecting today’s high won’t reach zero, though it will rebound to 4 C on Sunday.
The forecasters say the snow — if it arrives — will come on Monday evening, just ahead of Santa. And it will be followed by lows of -16 or -17 C in the days that follow.
But what goes down, must come up. And looking further ahead, the Weather Channel sees both day and night temperatures moderating before the new year — with plus figures in the first week of 2019. And the probability of more snow, it says, will range from 20 per cent to zero.
Other parts of the Prairies are expected to face more challenging weather, as usual. But for short-distance drivers, the Calgary forecast over the coming week looks similar to Lethbridge.
There’s a 30 per cent chance of snow on Sunday, the Weather Channel says, and 50 per cent on Christmas Day. Temperatures will range from a high of 1 C on Monday to -9 C after the turkey is devoured on Christmas Day.
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