January 16th, 2021

12 arrested in targeted downtown project

By Nick Kuhl on May 18, 2019.

Nick Kuhl

Lethbridge Herald


Police have arrested 12 people in connection with a targeted 
enforcement project in downtown Lethbridge. On Thursday, members of 
the LPS Downtown Policing Unit and Priority Crimes Unit conducted a 
project as a part of an ongoing enforcement initiative targeting 
criminal activity downtown. The project yielded the arrest of 12 
people who are now facing dozens of charges.
In addition, police seized four high end mountain bikes valued at 
Daelyn First Rider, 24, of Standoff, is charged with three counts of 
breach of recognizance.
Daniel Magnus, 38, of Medicine Hat, is charged with breach of probation.
James Murkin, 26, of Lethbridge, is charged with two counts of breach 
of a recognizance.
John Twigg, 24, of Lethbridge, is charged with  two counts of 
possession of a controlled substance and one count of possession of 
stolen property.
Cameron Small Eyes, 37, of Lethbridge is charged with assault, four 
counts of breach of recognizance, possession of an identity document, 
three counts of possession of a stolen credit card and three counts of 
use of a stolen credit card.
Franklin Pantherbone, 37, of Lethbridge, is charged with failing to 
attend court and three counts of possession of a controlled substance.
Steve Quebec, 42, of Lethbridge, is charged with breach of 
recognizance, and possession of stolen property.
Byron Morning Bird, 32, of Lethbridge, is charged with breach of 
probation, assault, obstructing a peace officer and identity fraud.
Cole Deheer, 23, of Lethbridge, is charged with theft under $5,000, 
failing to appear for fingerprints, failing to attend court, assault, 
possession of a dangerous weapon and carrying a concealed weapon.
Joshua Hibbs, 18, of Fort Macleod, is charged with possession of a 
controlled substance, possession of a dangerous weapon, and carrying a 
concealed weapon.
John Jones, 26, of Lethbridge, is charged with two counts of theft 
under $5,000, uttering threats and possession of stolen property under 
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