October 20th, 2020

Colour Fun Run benefits Crime Stoppers program

By Bobinec, Greg on October 21, 2019.

Herald photo by Greg Bobinec
Participants in the first-ever Southern Alberta Crime Stoppers Colour Fun Run get their first hit of colour along the five-kilometre run Saturday morning at Legacy Regional Park. @GBobinecHerald

Greg Bobinec

Lethbridge Herald


Southern Alberta Crime Stoppers hosted their first Colour Fun Run, Saturday morning as a new fundraising opportunity for people to help support the organization’s programs.

For the first year, the Colour Fun Run drew over 150 participants who ran or walked around Legacy Regional Park on the north side of Lethbridge for five kilometres while being covered in powdered chalk along the way. Organizers of the event say they got the idea for the run from other runs they have participated in and thought it would be a fun and inclusive event for everyone.

“Today we have our first-ever Colour Fun Run, this is a fundraiser for us and we are hoping to make it a yearly event because so far this year has been a successful event,” says Tina Hailwood, Crime Stoppers board member.

“The Colour Fun Run is an event that we walk or run around Legacy Park in Lethbridge and we are going to throw colour at people, it is a great, fun time for families and pets to come out to.

“We have powdered chalk and we have five different colours that we are going to throw at the people and they will be all coated by the end of the run.”

Southern Alberta Crime Stoppers is a community crime prevention organization run by leaders in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta, along with many dedicated volunteers who help pass crime tips to police to press and lay charges on crimes. The Colour Fun Run helped raise funds to go towards paying the people who submit tips to Crime Stoppers.

“Crime Stoppers is important because we all need help, obviously the crime rates are rising and we need to be vigilant and call in for our tips,” says Hailwood. “Obviously if there is something going on immediately that you witness being a crime, call 911, but if you hear of someone speaking of details about a crime they have committed or know about, call the tip line.

“All you do is call the line, give your information, they give you a tip number and with that number you can call back in a few weeks and if your information leads to an arrest. You will get paid a certain amount depending on what has been recovered.”

Hailwood says although the money incentive is there to encourage people to call and report what they have seen or heard, many of the tipsters don’t end up claiming their cash reward which has shown the organization that the community cares more about cleaning up crime over the money.

“In the beginning, we thought that people would be more willing to give a tip if there was money involved, but it turns out that there is only 12 per cent of tips cashed out. We pay but it is nice that people are doing it for the right reasons as opposed to for the cash,” says Hailwood.

Since 1983, Southern Alberta Crime Stoppers has received over 10,700 tips from the community which has led to 1,917 arrests, 1,641 charges being laid, and has recovered $2.3 million in property and seized over $2.5 million of drugs.

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