October 20th, 2020

Discharge for Raymond man

By Shurtz, Delon on October 26, 2019.

Delon Shurtz

lethbridge herald


A Raymond man caught last year with more than three kilograms of marijuana has avoided jail and even a fine, but he’s suffered the consequences of his actions in other ways, his lawyer says.

Greg White said Thursday in Lethbridge provincial court that his client, Allan Wayne Gregson, is stressed by the stigma he faced after his name was mentioned in media stories, and from his repeated court appearances following his arrest Sept. 18, 2018. In addition to the stigma, the $30,000 car he was driving when he was caught with 3.3 kilograms of marijuana was sold through criminal forfeiture.

White and Crown prosecutor John Oman jointly recommended Gregson, who pleaded guilty to one count of drug possession for the purpose of trafficking, receive a conditional discharge. White told court the stigma offenders often face can be considered in sentencing when a judge is deciding whether a discharge is warranted. He also pointed out his client does not have a criminal record.

Gregson, 46, was arrested after Lethbridge police noticed a vehicle with an expired licence plate and conducted a traffic stop on Red Crow Boulevard West. As the officer approached the driver’s window he smelled fresh marijuana coming from the vehicle and arrested the driver for possession of a controlled substance.

Police reported shortly after the incident that they searched the vehicle and found a combination stun gun and flashlight, along with the $15,000 worth of marijuana, and he was charged with unauthorized possession of a weapon. The weapon charge was withdrawn Thursday following Gregson’s guilty plea to the drug charge.

Gregson was given a conditional discharge and placed on probation for a year, during which he must keep the peace and report any change of address or employment.

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So a drug trafficker in possession of a prohibited weapon merits anyone’s sympathy? The poor snowflake is STRESSED and crying because they took his $30,000 toy away? Undoubtedly he is crying in his cornflakes as well given they kept his drugs so he cannot resell them and make a downpayment on a new car and they took. his stun gun as well.
Pretty clear the stun gun works….everyone involved in this case must have been stunned to agree to it !