October 31st, 2020

Celebrate ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’ today

By Mabell, Dave on November 1, 2019.

Lethbridge Herald

For centuries, Nov. 1 has been celebrated as All Saints Day by Christians around the world. And now Canadians are invited to share in that idea of gratitude and giving.

Community foundations across the nation have declared it “Random Act of Kindness Day” as well.

And in Lethbridge, residents may also win a $500 “kindness grant” to a charity of their choice.

“Kind acts really can change the world,” says Charleen Davidson, executive director of the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta.

“They may begin as a ripple, but many ripples can make a wave.”

They may be as simple as paying someone a compliment, treating someone to a coffee, or being more courteous in traffic.

And this year, local Community Foundation delegates across southwestern Alberta will be leading by example.

“We encourage the community to join us by performing kind acts of their own, and see the effects as the wave spreads across the region,” she says.

Some of those efforts will be shared on Twitter and Facebook, she says

Several local schools will also be joining in, Davidson reports, using special “kindness Kits” which contain “everything they need to get students excited about performing kind acts.”

In addition to posters and stickers, they include “kindness cards” for students and staff to give when someone performs a random act of kindness. The cards encourage the recipient to perform a kind act of their own and then share the card with someone else.

And everyone who participates in Random Act of Kindness Day has an opportunity to win one of 10 $500 grants to a local registered charity of their choice. 1st Choice Savings & Credit Union and Telus are supporting the Lethbridge initiative, Davidson reports.

People are invited to share their act of kindness on social media, to tag the Community Foundation in their post, and to use the hashtag #rakdayCFLSA.

Participants who don’t use social media may call or email the Community Foundation office at 403-328-5297 or research@cflsa.ca to submit their kind act for the draw.

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