October 22nd, 2020

Junior roller skaters prep for World Cup

By Bobinec, Greg on November 11, 2019.

Herald photo by Greg Bobinec
Junior rollerskaters push through the herd of people during a match at the Lethbridge Roller Derby Guilds Live Free Skate Hard event, Saturday afternoon at Exhibition Park.

Greg Bobinec

Lethbridge Herald


Lethbridge will be representing Canada on the world stage as six local teen skaters will compete for Canada at the Junior Roller Derby Association (JRDA) World Cup in 2020. Along with the players, two Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild coaches will be supporting the skaters on the bench.

The first JRDA World Cup took place in 2015 with only three nations participating. In 2018, the event featured teams from Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Europe and United States, where Canada took home bronze. The 2020 event will see even more countries and hopefully a higher place for Canada.

“To have six skaters from our league on national rosters is an amazing accomplishment,” says Caroline Reimer, head coach of Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild and coach for Team Canada open division. “The kids have worked so hard leading to this moment and we couldn’t be prouder.”

Jennifer Davis joins Reimer as a coach with the Canadian Open Division team and says the process of selecting the team from candidates all across the country was an adventure, but the team they have put together is good and she is proud of all of the members, locally and nationally.

“The process has been amazing to go around to all of the tryouts and seeing all of the skaters around Canada,” says Davis. “When it came to skaters on our own team, we didn’t have a say in whether they made it or not, but we had six out of seven who tried out who made it on and we are pretty proud of them. We are super proud of all of our skaters because they have worked really hard to get where they are.”

Local skaters Auron Emard, 15; Madison Moore, 15; Jasper Davis, 14; Shane Kress, 13 and Abiagail Reimer, 13 will play on the open division team and Kyira Franklin, 13, will represent Canada in the female division. Pushing through the tryouts was the first step for the players to make it to this level and now they are committed to attending national practices, as well as training with their home league.

“For me I would have never thought that I would be competing at this level, I was just young and just liked roller derby and I never thought that I would be able to play for the Canadian team,” says Abigail Reimer, Team Canada skater. “I am pretty excited to go play with my team because some of my local team will be there and it will be pretty awesome.”

The Canadian teams will have a home track advantage, as the 2020 JRDA World Cup will be hosted in Regina next August. Roller Derby is a full-contact sport played on a flat, oval track where teams earn and protect points by blocking opposing skaters with their bodies. For more information about the Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild, visit lethbridgerollerderby.ca.

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