October 22nd, 2020

Lethbridge ATB executive receives national honour

By Kalinowski, Tim on November 22, 2019.

ÿþTevi Legge, vice-president of Strategy and Activation for Everyday Financial Services at ATB, has been recognized as part of the Women's Executive Network 2019 Canada s Top 100 Most Powerful Women Awards. Herald photo by Ian Martens @IMartensHerald

Tim Kalinowski

Lethbridge Herald


Lethbridge’s own Tevi Legge has been chosen as one of the recipients of the Women’s Executive Network 2019 Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women Awards. Legge, who serves as vice-president of Strategy and Activation for Everyday Financial Services at ATB, was recognized in the Emerging Leaders category for her efforts to advance the role of women in the business world and for her work to help foster diversity in the workplace.

“A big part of my role here at ATB is ensuring we can continue to drive diverse conversations with diverse people at the table,” she says. “A good example of that would be is we have a team member network we call Elevate, which is really dedicated to advancing women in the workplace. I am one of the co-leaders of that network, and we have 1,500 members across the organization. Our focus is really on driving gender equality and equity within the organization, and we also work with partners outside of the organization like the UN to understand what that means for us on a global scale, on a national scale, and on what that means for us in Alberta.”

Legge is grateful to ATB for giving her a platform to help women in business succeed, but she is also cognizant of the fact at the higher corporate levels in Canada women and diversity continue to be under-represented.

“That glass ceiling still exists in corporate Canada, and we need to get into the nitty gritty of what causes that,” Legge confirms. “I think it all comes back to unconscious bias. Unconscious bias is you are making decisions based on your lived experience without thinking about the bias you are inserting. I think when you are hiring it is about removing the gender lens and really understanding people for what they can contribute and what they are giving to the organization or the community.”

“I want people to know that with those barriers in front of us, we (women) can break them down ourselves,” she adds. “We have to be courageous, bold, make hard decisions; and we have speak up and advocate for ourselves.”

Legge is also grateful for the support she has received in the larger community. She says Lethbridge is really an inspiring community for women.

“There is so many incredible women in this community doing so many incredible things,” Legge says, “and I felt just so humble in that moment when I received the email telling me I was getting the award because I see these incredible people around me doing these incredible things. I am just in awe of the people around me, and I think Lethbridge has become a really great place where women actually lift each other up versus trying to bring each other down.”

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