October 29th, 2020

Coaldale disappointed with no provincial support for school

By Kalinowski, Tim on November 23, 2019.

Lethbridge Herald – coaldale

The Town of Coaldale is expressing regret it did not receive funding for its proposed integrated high school-multi-purpose facility from the provincial government in this year’s budget.

“Council is still fully committed to moving forward with the recreation centre portion of this joint initiative,” stated Mayor Kim Craig, expressing his disappointment the Town’s school proposal ultimately didn’t win provincial support. “Although it is our strong preference to have both the school and recreation facility constructed at the same time, we are committed to delivering on our strategic priority to bring a multi-use recreation facility to the residents of Coaldale – even if this means proceeding to construction before provincial funding for the school aspect of the joint project is approved.”

The Town will also be moving forward with upgrades and safety enhancements to the Highway 3 corridor, which has been a major bone of contention with some community members who felt the site chosen for the facility was unsafe due to the need for the majority of students in the community to cross Highway 3 to get to the new school.

“We’re working with other agencies, Alberta Transportation and CP Rail, to ensure that proper safety measures are in place by the time the doors of the new … facility are open,” said Craig. “Our utmost priority is the safety of residents.”

According to the Town, in order to accommodate growth on both the north and south sides of Coaldale, various infrastructure upgrades are required. These include: signal lights and intersectional improvements to the intersection of Hwy. 3 and 30 Street; the installation of fencing along the Hwy. 3 corridor (from 30 Street to Hwy. 845); working with Alberta Transportation to lower stretches of the Hwy. 3 speed limit to 50 km/h (from 70 km/h); and continuing to work with CP Rail and Transport Canada to obtain grant funds to improve connectivity between both sides of Hwy. 3.

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