October 22nd, 2020

Man sentenced to 45 days on drug, weapon charges

By Shurtz, Delon on December 6, 2019.

Delon Shurtz

Lethbridge Herald


A 37-year-old man who inexplicably motioned for a motorist to pull over to the side of the road, then threatened the motorist with a knife, will remain in custody for a few more days.

Stanley Standing Alone pleaded guilty Thursday in Lethbridge provincial court to single charges of assault with a weapon and drug possession, and was sentenced to 45 days in jail.

The 55-year-old motorist was stopped for a red light in the southbound lanes of Mayor Magrath Drive Nov. 13 when he noticed two men standing on the side of the road.

Standing Alone waved at the motorist to pull over, and when he did, then got out of his vehicle and walked toward the two men, Standing Alone pulled out a folding knife and waved it at him.

The intended victim quickly returned to his vehicle and drove away.

Police found the suspect shortly afterward and found the knife in Standing Alone’s backpack. He was also caught with 2.2 grams of fentanyl.

Federal Crown prosecutor John Oman told court he doesn’t know why Standing Alone behaved the way he did.

“There’s no explanation for doing what he was doing,” Oman said.

Standing alone was given credit for the equivalent of 35 days spent in custody since his arrest – calculated at time and a half – leaving him with 10 days to serve.

He must also submit a sample of his DNA for the National DNA Databank.

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And a guy gets 6 months for a drive by paint balling ? Is it just me or does no one else see the problems with violent repeat offenders with a drug problem getting a free pass?


@ potsie . . . He is First Nations and the feds stated that FN are over represented in jails so they ordered Crown Prosecutors and Judges to adjust sentences to reduce the numbers and then there is the Gladue Principle ( check it out on Wikipedia ), that also gives FN special treatment.

Any questions why police are so frustrated when they arrest them, do all the paperwork and make court appearances and do more paperwork, just to see light sentences.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms still says, ‘All are to be treated EQUAL undet the law’, but that seems to be ignored anymore!

That has given FN across the county zero deterrent to commit crimes and they now act as if they are above the laws,as we see on our streets in Lethbridge with many of the crimes being committed by FN and over 80% of the users of the consumption section of the SCS being FN.

We need to be treating these addicts under prison diversion programs because our great society under the potheaded PM now wants to put safe consumption sites in jails . . . how are they getting the drugs in jails and why are we not stopping that?
No one can tell me there is no way to stop them from getting the drugs in jail . . they are supposed to be rehabilitated there so when they area released they don’t come out an commit crimes . . . how is that possible when they come out as addicts, broke and have to commit crimes to pay for the habit/addiction they either had or got while they were incarcerated . . . another waste of taxpayer money!!!