October 24th, 2020

Youth camp seeks assistance

By Kalinowski, Tim on December 16, 2019.

Tim Kalinowski

Lethbridge Herald


Camp Carmangay founder Brian Nimijean is looking for public support as the camp transitions to year-long programming to help troubled youth in southern Alberta.

“We’re going all year long, but we need $60,000 to fund a position,” he says. “It’s an incredible resource to the kids who have nothing to do in this barren wasteland called southern Alberta in the middle of winter. There is no camp attendance from October through to April, but our kids are a part of a peer group which will be attending events. That way we can keep them going and keep them talking, and give them some place they still can go to keep them out of the basement at home and out of those dark (psychological) corners.”

Camp Carmangay is a registered charity which provides outdoor activity, horse therapy and an environment of safety and support to help troubled youth find ways to de-compress and emotionally dysregulate.

“The purpose of Camp Carmanguay is to provide an emotional retreat for youth struggling with a myriad of mental-health challenges,” states Nimijean. “We try to create an aura of acceptance. This is all about perpetuating an opportunity for a kid to be a kid by putting away the decisions of adulthood and creating an environment that is just fun, to help deal with anxiety, self-esteem – and other mental-health issues that don’t require a clinical response.”

While the camp’s regular activities are largely suspended in the winter months, Nimijean believes its crucially important the youth who attend his camp remain in touch throughout the winter months to continue the journey of greater well-being.

“We want to be able to continue to encourage youth in the months in this country where it’s really (psychologically) difficult and really tough on emotions and spirit,” he says. “It’s not hard to get a kid excited in the spring, summer or fall, but it is really difficult to keep a kid away from falling down into the trenches of depression during these months.”

To get in touch with Camp Carmangay, or to make a donation, call Brian Nimijean at 403-915-4199 or email campcarmangay@live.ca.

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