October 28th, 2020

‘Snowball Effect’ generates funds for food bank

By Mabell, Dave on December 23, 2019.


Thanks to the efforts of four Coaldale mothers, the local food bank is able to help more families this season.

Through their crowdfunding initiative, the women sparked a donation of more than $10,000 from R.I. Baker Middle School – the largest to date.

Tevi Legge, a spokesperson for ATB Financial, says it’s the fourth year they have used the “Snowball Effect,” a unique crowdfunding way of using social media to raise food, money and awareness about food deficiencies in their community.

“The four organizers – Tevi Legge, Jennifer Aquila, Brandi Tindall and Karissa Schlaht – kick it off every year and then source the donations through tags, hashtags, videos and inspiration through using the Facebook platform,” Legge explains.

“These four mothers are passionate about giving back and inspiring those around them to give back to their communities, and to show them just how easy it can be.”

Food banks are grateful for the partnership the Snowball Effect has brought and have found many ways to embrace it such as having people sign a snowball at the Interfaith Food Bank to show you have donated, Legge adds.

For more information about the online program: https://www.facebook.com/snowballeffectyql/?ref=bookmarks.

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