October 29th, 2020

Man arrested after stabbing at city hall

By Mabell, Dave on January 2, 2020.


Arrested after a Monday incident outside city hall, a Lethbridge man is also facing charges relating to a liquor store robbery a day earlier.

City police were called to respond to a confrontation which saw one man chase another to the lawn in front of city hall, where the victim was punched and then stabbed in the leg. They located a suspect in the 400 block of Stafford Drive S.

Police say the suspect resisted arrest and assaulted the officers. They seized a 12-inch knife from his waistband.

An arresting officer also recognized the man as a suspect in the robbery of a liquor store on Dec. 29. Police say a group of people entered the store in the 2000 block of 2 Avenue N., where an employee was assaulted and restrained while liquor was being stolen.

Victims in both incidents suffered injuries that were not life threatening, police add.

Garrett Shane Williams, 38, of Lethbridge is now charged with assaulting a peace officer, assault with a weapon, concealing a weapon, unlawful confinement and theft under $5,000, as well as three changes of common assault and three of breaching probation.

He was being held in police custody while awaiting a bail hearing.

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I doubt very much if this is a wake-up call to the Mayor! Nothing to see here. the city is healthy and vibrant, with just a few problems like every other city. I wonder if he is going to say that this was staged, faked!
City Hall is downtown and it has many addicts streaming through the property going to the Safe Consumption Site and then back to the Library or old YMCA area.
I have seen drug deals on City Hall property, dealers stashing drugs with police nearby, sexual acts, public urination, etc., all the usual things you see in the rest of downtown and right next to it is the Yates Center where the taxpayer just spent over $17 million to renovate it!
I guess the Watch can escort the people going to events at the Yates? We spent over $38 million in the last 5 years on the Arts, Casa being the other major project, and they are both in the middle of the “hood”!
When we will learn! Do we all have deep pockets and just love pouring money into failing programs that enable users?
If you read an article in local competitors news, where Stacey Bourque was defending the high wages they get paid at the SCS, she stated there was an increase in the users of the SCS, again.
If that program was so successful there should be decreases in the users of that site since they don’t treat addicts there or provide addiction counselling, only referrals! Enabling users is perpetual and the numbers will increase and the costs and social programs will explode along with crime!
As the province and county cuts back on funds, prepare to open up your wallets and pay more!
If you are tired of the issues and want these people treated instead of enabled, then you should be writing your MLA’s, your MP’s and especially your City Council to tell them you are tired of paying for the addicts to continue their addictions with all the paraphenalia given to them and the expensive Naloxone kits given out like candy and the rise in crime and all the negative images that are now seen worldwide!
Write them, email them, call them! They need to know you are mad!


Nothing will change until the Mayor and Council are flushed out
And replaced by people who are going to take this seriously. The
Consumption site is going to kill the entire downtown economy.
This is the exact reason almost all of my Christmas shopping was
done online through Amazon. Time to Wake up Lethbridge.
We have really only one detox center in this area, and it is barely
funded by our government. They have to scrape to get by and have
hardly enough beds. And this is for a facility where people want to
get help and actually try recover from their Addiction….hardly any
Funds for that. But a consumption site has all the funding it needs…
We should turn it into a detox center… It might actually help some
People instead of assist in killing them and killing downtown Lethbridge.