October 28th, 2020

Prepare for return of winter

By Mabell, Dave on January 7, 2020.

Three-year-old Luciana Torres takes a ride on the swings as she and her parents took advantage of the shelter of the river valley to escape Mondays cool breeze. Wintery weather is forecast to blow into the area with snow and cold temperatures expected as the week progresses. Herald photo by Ian Martens @IMartensHerald

Dave Mabell

Lethbridge Herald


Brace yourself – and bundle up!

Winter is heading to southern Alberta. And with temperatures predicted as low as -25 C by the weekend, it’s not looking like a brief encounter.

About five cm of snow can be expected today, according to forecasters at the Weather Network, while temperatures will hover around -4 C.

And while Wednesday will bring momentary relief, with a high close to 2 C, more flurries are likely before the temperature dips to -13 C overnight. More snow is expected Saturday, followed by an overnight low of -20 C – time to plug in the block heater!

Much colder conditions are forecast elsewhere on the Prairies, with windchill factors predicted to hit -32 C in Edmonton and -41 C in Saskatoon by Friday.

Weather officials see no early indication of improvement next week, with Sunday’s high of -20 C and low of -25 C followed by overnight lows expected to hit -28 C on Monday and Tuesday.

Daytime highs will remain at -20 C or below until next Wednesday, when a slight moderating trend will bring afternoon temperatures up to -18 C or -16 C later in the week.

Comparatively balmy conditions are currently predicted for the Jan. 18-19 weekend, with highs of -8 C falling to -14 C overnight.

And Weather Network reports for later in the month offer hope for further improvement. Historical averages show highs of -8 C and lows of -14 C as typical for Jan. 20, year over year. But by month’s end, things usually warm up closer to zero in the afternoon and -10 C overnight.

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