October 22nd, 2020

U of L showing NFB film on Colten Boushie

By Mabell, Dave on January 7, 2020.

Lethbridge Herald

Lethbridge residents will have an opportunity Thursday to learn more about the Colten Boushie tragedy.

The National Film Board documentary “n”pawistam‰sowin (We Will Stand Up)” will be shown at the University of Lethbridge, Room SA 8002 in the Science Commons, at 6 p.m.

Boushie, a young Cree man in Saskatchewan, died from a gunshot to the back of his head after entering a rural property with his friends. The jury’s subsequent acquittal of the landowner captured international attention, raising questions about racism embedded within Canada’s legal system.

The no-charge presentation will be offered in partnership with the Iikaisskini Gathering Place, the U of L Library, the Indigenous Governance and Business Management program in the university’s Dhillon School of Business and co-host, the National Film Board of Canada.

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It is a sad story, but I fail to see the ‘racism’ accusation! We already have the Gladue Principle that courts use to treat First Nations different, giving lighter sentences and Ottawa has told Judges and Prosecutors to lighten sentences on First Nations people because too many are incarcerated. How is it racism?

Here are facts presented in the court case:
Colten and his friends were out drinking and shooting their gun that day at a river or lake (can’t remember which) and they left there, impaired and stopped at a farm before Stanley’s, and attempted to steal a vehicle from it, which they failed to do and they broke the stock of the rifle trying to break the window. Let’s be clear, they had the rifle out at the farm, while drunk and just because the stock is broke, the rifle will still fire rounds!
They continued to Stanley’s where they made further attempts of vehicle theft but were caught! They attempted to leave, but Mr. Stanley tried to stop them by reaching into the driver’s side window, reaching around the steering wheel with one hand, as they tried to drive away, to turn off the vehicle so they could wait for police to arrive.
Mr. Stanley had is old handgun in his right hand during the struggle, his finger was not on the trigger, but somehow it went off! Forensics proved his finger was not on the trigger because blood spatter was on it, something that would not be possible if his finger was on the trigger.
It as an accidental misfire!
Note also, that Colten’s rifle was between his legs during all of this . . . why did he have it there, if there was no intent to use it?
There are so many illegal acts here that Colten and his friends committed, but not one of them were charged. Trespassing x 2, attempted vehicle theft x 2, vandalism/damage to property, shooting a weapon while impaired, impaired driving, and more . . . No one was charged !
I am tired of being accused of racism and seeing this word abused the same as the word terrorist is now being abused!
They were undisciplined kids that were out doing things that were against laws, they got caught and an unfortunate thing happened! Mr. Stanley would have done the same if they were caucasion, or any other type.
We have to stop pampering criminals and having investigations stopped or restrained due to these accusations. There is no respect for the laws that the rest of us Canadians have to live and abide by.
First Nations have and continue to get special treatment in the courts, something that goes against our Charter of Rights and Freedoms which states “ALL are to be treated EQUAL under the law!”
It doesn’t state ” all are to treated equal under the law except if you are First Nations ” . . .
This has to end!!!