January 15th, 2021

‘We Will Rock You’ production to feature Lethbridge’s Kyle Gruninger

By Nick Kuhl on January 11, 2020.

Dave Mabell

Lethbridge Herald


“I have iron vocal chords.”
And now Kyle Gruninger, a Lethbridge performer who honed his craft 
with New West Theatre, truly appreciates all those endurance and voice 
maintenance lessons.
He’s part of an all-Canadian cast that’s midway through its high-
energy “We Will Rock You” tour of North America — including a 
Jan. 19 stop here at the Enmax Centre.
“The shows have been selling very, very well,” he reports from 
Kamloops, en route to more concerts on the West Coast.
Almost everybody is on their feet by show’s end, moved by the magic 
of legendary Queen.
Since September, he adds, the cast of 16 played more than 70 concerts 
across the U.S., from Madison Square Garden and Las Vegas to major 
venues in California.
“It was quite wild,” he admits.
There’s typically eight concerts each week, Gruninger explains, with 
one day off.
But like hockey players, the cast and crew put in many travel days as 
“We have three tour buses and two semi trucks” to carry all the 
gear. And they’ll be working their way east over the winter, with 
performance dates right across Canada.
“After Alberta, we’ll probably have 30 to 40 shows left.”
A veteran of a many gigs as a cruise ship entertainer, Gruninger is 
accustomed to the night-after-night routine. Becoming part of a road 
show is something else again.
“I flew right from the ship in Florida to audition in Calgary,” 
when he heard about the casting call last year, he says. A longtime 
fan of the English rock group’s music, Gruninger couldn’t pass up 
an opportunity to actually perform it for audiences across North 
In “We Will Rock You,” he points out, there’s more than the music.
The show’s Canadian creators put together “a quirky, eccentric and 
heartfelt story of outsiders,” its promoters say. “It’s also a 
creative cautionary tale for the cyber age.”
Gruninger says his role in the story involves defeating the Bohemians, 
who want to destroy every musical instrument.
That’s a different story than the focus of the Oscar-winning movie 
“Bohemian Rhapsody,” but the success of both productions 
illustrates the lasting, cross-generational popularity of Queen’s 
many hits.
For Gruninger and millions more, the spectacle of Queen’s live 
performances lives on.
Tickets for the Lethbridge show are available from the Ticket Centre 
at the Enmax.
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