January 18th, 2020

City strikes out with province

By Lethbridge Herald on January 13, 2020.

Mayor Chris Spearman reacts to news that the province will not fund low-income transit or a local Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods office of the Alberta Sheriffs in Lethbridge after Monday's council meeting. Herald photo by Tim Kalinowski

Tim Kalinowski
Lethbridge Herald
Mayor Chris Spearman is expressing his disappointment on behalf of city residents after receiving confirmation from the provincial government it will not be funding a SCAN unit in Lethbridge in the near future.
Spearman informed both city council members and the public at the end of Monday’s council meeting that he had received a letter from Solicitor General and Minister of Justice Doug Schweitzer’s office stating the UCP government would not fund a dedicated Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Office of the Alberta Sheriffs in Lethbridge.
“Under the current budget circumstances, they can’t provide an additional SCAN unit in the City of Lethbridge,” said Spearman, summarizing the government’s stated reasons for refusing. “That is disappointing, because we believe shutting down drug houses is an important part of the war on drugs. We put together a business case that was submitted back in October, stating that we had at any one time 12 to 14 active drug houses and about 125 properties under surveillance in the city. We offered to provide additional services if a SCAN unit were to come here, for example space in municipal buildings, to try to facilitate it.”
Lethbridge currently falls under the jurisdiction of the Calgary SCAN office. The City, on the recommendation of the Lethbridge Police Service, had hoped the province would agree Lethbridge’s ongoing drug crisis might warrant more dedicated attention to the issue of local drug houses.
“When you see the reaction that a drug house is closed, people automatically say they will just move down the street,” explained Spearman. “Having a SCAN unit monitoring on an ongoing basis would be much more effective than having them here on an occasional basis.”
Spearman said the City will continue its advocacy efforts on the SCAN issue with the hope the province may eventually come around.
“We have heard from the Solicitor General he is willing to discuss the matter further and, of course, we want to take him up on that opportunity,” stated Spearman.
In addition to hearing news Lethbridge would not be getting a SCAN office, Spearman was informed by the province in another letter that Lethbridge would also receive no funding to help low-income transit users in Lethbridge like Calgary and Edmonton have already received.
“We want to make sure citizens in Lethbridge have access to the same services that are available in Calgary and Edmonton,” Spearman stated, “and the low-income transit program has been available in Calgary and Edmonton for several years. We have some of the highest rates of poverty in the province; so we want to make sure families who live in Lethbridge…have access to the same sort of programs.”
According to statistics referenced by the mayor’s office, one in five children in Lethbridge live at or below the poverty line.
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3 Responses to “City strikes out with province”

  1. Dennis Bremner says:

    So lets remind everyone the sequence of events.

    1) Phillips, Fitzpatrick, Mayor Spearman, Council and Chief of Police all think its a great idea to “save lives”
    2) They all support the install of the SCS
    3) Drug addicts are then given immunity to move about with illegal drugs under direction on our now “gone” Chief
    4) No 4 pillars, no plan for 4 pillars, no funding for 4 pillars, lets just go in their and save lives
    5) Adjacent communities get the word to their drug addicts. Lethbridge is a safe place to consume. Police Chief has given out a free ticket to walk around with drugs. Chief previously could not handle 300 addicts and stated so. As of now we have in excess of 1500 and growing
    6) Mr Mayor announces that we could be the “Regional Treatment facility” and on that note Communities from Claresholm, Medicine Hat, Taber, etc etc shuttle or get their addicts to Mr Mayor’s future Regional Treatment Facility. However it still should be noted that “no 4 pillars, no funding for 4 pillars, and no plan to stop the now expanding drug dealing and of course the creation of the now 125 drug houses and growing.
    7) Now were in a real tight spot, so Mr Mayor applies for SCAN to facilitate the control of the houses created by 1-6 above.
    8) SCAN denied and now we sit with 1500+ addicts , have designated ourselves as the Southern Alberta Dumping ground for Addicts with no funding, no plan, no support and no idea what to do other then shut down or attack any Councillor that dare speak out against this stupidity or citizen for that matter.
    9) Of course I would be remiss at not pointing out our friends on the Reserves who booted these people off the reserve and created the problem for us. These are the people that Mr Mayor and Bourgue call “homeless” when the true homeless of Lethbridge are being beaten and robbed by our “new Residents”. I would also be remiss by not pointing out Bourgues inability to keep her numbers straight. So when asked how many people are Indigenous at SCS she immediately clouds the percentage with ARCHES services when she knows that 90% + are indigenous.

    So once again, the Whiteman is treating Indigenous Youth as he/she sees fit “shades of Reform Schools part 2”.
    Now that does not mean we do not treat these individuals, but it does mean that we do not have to sacrifice Downtown Lethbridge and our community to this problem, so these people are choosing to do this on our behalf.
    So that we do not lose track of the score here, its Bourgues money making Clients “1500” and City of Lethbridge “0”, Residents of Lethbridge “0” all because we decided to consult “experts” that were the architect of the destruction of other cities and decided it would be a wonderful idea to follow their model.

    I have watched this stupidity unfold in Europe, North/South America and the islands, they always follow the exact same format in hopes it will not result as it did elsewhere. The result is always the same, the Church/Gotta Save Lives group is goaded on by the “I am going to make a fortune “Non Profit group” and the result has been, always will be, the destruction of the city that follows the new found experts.

    As a sidebar, Mr Mayor, year 3, this summer is when it gets bad, its always year 3 thats something else you could have learned if you had decided at anytime to actually learn what is happening. Year 3 is bad because its the year that the infrastructure is sufficiently in place to attract a “permanent major crime syndicate” to the area, and the children that think they are the “Regional Drug Lords” will start appearing in Body Bags. So Council and You should be prepared for Year 3 with more officers more of everything and then of course claim it was none of your doing, right?
    Year 3-4 is the year that suddenly the Crime Index takes a huge ramp because now we are adding crime related deaths to the already out of control petty thievery and suddenly Mr Mayor Council, Phillips suddenly realize we are number one on a list they wish was never mentioned.

    When cities decide for their residents that they intend on this spiral destruction, it generally takes 3-4 years to reach the tipping point. The tipping point begins when 1.5% of the population are addicts, we are there! When it becomes 2% (November 2020) the excuses of why elected people did this to the community , when they had no plan, begin to fly! The self righteousness abounds and self incrimination is lost in platitudes and misdirection!

    You will note I do not strive and have never strive to be Socially or Politically Correct, it costs society way too much to do so, and avoids “truth”!

    What I have predicted thus far in previous letters to this paper:
    1) 1000 addicts by end of 2018 in 2017
    2) Collapse of real estate pricing in the Downtown by the end of year 2
    3) SCS would hide rising pay checks and numbers of Indigenous to be politically correct.
    4) SCS would become one of the largest employers in Lethbridge, stated fall 2017
    5) Prediction of 1500 Addicts by October 2019 in January 2018
    6) Prediction of 2000 addicts by November 2020 in January 2019
    7) Prediction of Amnesia in those that organized this fiasco once they realized the remaining pillars were not forthcoming, to begin summer 2019.
    8) Crime Statistics would put us number one summer 2020 (stated summer 2018) as the out of control Petty theft is then coupled with a rise in drug related homicides.
    9) West side would be the hub of problems 2020 as Drug Lords fight over U of L and area. Stated Jan 2018 and at the sametime crime in South Lethbridge at/near Lethbridge College would begin to rise as the “loser of the West side fight” decides to muscle in on the South Side district.
    10) Galt gardens will become the tent city of DTES Vancouver. Predicted Jan 2019. The Mayor will plead his case that these are the homeless. The True Homeless will not be there, they will have to go somewhere else. The new Relabeled “Homeless Client Deserving Respect” will be pilfering $2500 per month in petty thefts to feed his/her habit and living in the Galt Gardens in a tent providing the Coup de Gras to downtown Lethbridge. You will not recognize the downtown by 2021 if this is allowed to continue.

    So far all the predictions have come true, and I am not a mind reader. All I did was look at the stupidity of other Cities including Vancouver and its 100% predictable. If you really think its bad in Lethbridge now, let me re-iterate, you have seen nothing yet. The Door has been opened, the wolves have been released, don’t believe for one minute this group of “uninformed” will get the wolves back and reform them. Its never happened in 60 years of failures. The only people that are better off when this is all done is the Non Profit that got permission to start it all by “the uninformed”!

  2. Seth Anthony says:

    “Lying by omission”.

    Our mayor played his role in opening a free for all drug clubhouse that not only has attracted countless addicts and dealers to Lethbridge, but further harms addicts and innocent people.

    It’s long overdue that our “leaders” admit that this coddling social experiment is an utter failure that is turning Lethbridge into a cesspool of drugs and crime.

    What would “save lives”, help the addict, and stop their crime, is removing the addict criminals from society via court ordered long term rehab or long term jail.

  3. Seth Anthony says:

    Our mayor calls Lethbridge a healthy city. Now our small town library has to hire a third full time security guard. More and more parents are no longer taking their kids there.

    Here’s a sampling of what Lethbridge residents think:

    I will never take my child back to this disgusting library again. The filth, what you see, can’t let your child use the washroom. Security did nothing ,other security guy out smoking. How safe.

    I went to the library a week or so ago and was astounded by the addicts and intoxicated people there and it was only 1030ish in the morning. I guess my kids wont be coming with me again which is sad because I love this library

    My aunt used to run the cafe in there, she gave it up because of all the crime that goes on in the library. The library used to be a fun place for adults and kids, not so much anymore.

    But according to the mayor we have a healthy community? What???

    Our current mayor and council are delusional thinking that throwing money at this problem in such a haphazardly and unthought our manner is the answer to this cities crisis! Please remember this next time we vote!

    We need a mayor and council that has the taxpayers best interests in mind. We require fiscal restraint and action plans that will spend our money wisely!

    It’s really too bad. It’s just driving families away from a place that strives on a family presence. Especially having kids and children go there so they will continue to read and eventually bring their children to the library. I’m afraid the library will soon end up like the phone booth in today’s technologically advancing society. We need libraries, keep it family friendly!!! Come on Lethbridge finally get your head out of your arse and see the problem before you!!!

    We see the problem it’s Chris Spearman, who doesn’t see a problem and if we bring our concerns to him is answer is always you don’t like it you can move so what are we supposed to do ? People are afraid to leave their homes anymore are we going to get jumped walking to work or in our own home all this stems to Chris Spearman

    Unless this is on Chris Spearmans door he isn’t going to do anything.

    About a year ago I took my kids to the library and my daughter had to go to the bathroom. The first one had blood and a needle. The second one was almost as bad. We never went again.

    The problem is that as a society we can no longer kick drug users out of public spaces because we are scared of offending someone or being labeled intolerant. Meanwhile the other 99 percent suffer. I get it that drug users need a place to hang out, especially when it is cold, but seriously, get them the out of places that are supposed to be safe and fun for children.

    So let me get this straight… Mr spearman on the left hand says the city’s thriving and healthy and on the right hand your (you and your council) giving 180,000 to the library for extra security due to a drug problem.

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