January 24th, 2021

U of L hosting first TEDxULeth event Jan. 25

By Bobinec, Greg on January 17, 2020.

Greg Bobinec

Lethbridge Herald


The University of Lethbridge is gearing up to launch its first TEDxULeth event, with 10 presenters preparing to take the University Recital Hall stage on Jan. 25.

Organizers of the inaugural event were flooded with applications before the November deadline and U of L Associate Vice-President of Students, Kathleen Massey, says the speaker lineup will represent the exceptional quality of people who were looking to be part of the TEDx experience.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the interest we received, given it was a very short deadline,” says Massey. “I am confident we’re going to see some outstanding talks at the event.”

The independently produced event, operated under a licence from TED, is organized by a community of volunteers and aimed at creating dialogue as well as giving people a forum to share their passions, ideas and experiences. The theme for TEDxULeth is “I Am Still Learning,” where presenters will speak to learning as a lifelong journey of discovery.

Presentations will begin with Shandi Bleiken, a queer organizer and community activist in Lethbridge, who will be speaking about her dedication to the undying belief that good will always win. Eric Chang, an entrepreneur since the age of 12, will be presenting on the phrase “don’t give up” and how it may not be as helpful as one would think.

Rosie Costen, a third-year neuroscience student and the U of L, will be presenting on the hurdles she has faced in life with a chronic neurological disorder, as well as helping others with neurological dysfunction. Robbin Derry, management professor at the U of L’s Calgary campus, and Saga Darnell, a non-binary actor, singer, dancer and playwright, will be speaking about understanding non-binary.

Trisha Gilbers, single mother of three and a third-year combined Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Education student, will be speaking about five steps to help regain happiness while in the midst of life’s trials. Uriel Karerwa, a U of L neuroscience student, uses his studies to better understand his life experiences and will explain how applying concepts he learned in class can reignite one’s passion.

Sandra Lamouche, a Cree mother, wife, hoop dancer and educator with Livingstone Range School Division, will be speaking about how she uses hoop dance teachings to inspire others to live in balance and harmony with themselves, the people around them, and with the environment. Jeffrey MacCormack, assistant professor in the U of L’s Faculty of Education, will share his experience as a stutterer, along with the steps he takes when preparing to speak, as well as his message that students need to see teachers who model resilience and, more broadly, easier is not necessarily better.

Brandy Old, agility manager at the U of L, will be speaking about the dirtiest words in our vocabulary, and how learning to fail can teach us about success and how to make changes. LaRae Katie Smith. fourth-year student at U of L, will be presenting about factors outside of the realm of control that everyone has to deal with, such as her roll of the dice with being diagnosed with ADHD.

Launched in 2009, TEDx is a program of locally organized events that brings the community together to share a TED-like experience. Limited tickets for the TEDxULeth event, priced at $25 each, are available for purchase online at go.uleth.ca/tedx2020.

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