January 22nd, 2021

Crime Suppression Team nabs car prowling suspects

By Mabell, Dave on January 18, 2020.


Two suspects were arrested for tampering with a vehicle, during the first shift for the city’s new Crime Suppression Team.

While a stolen jacket was also returned to its owner, Lethbridge Police Service officials are looking for the owners of other stolen items the officers recovered.

On Wednesday, police say officers observed two people trying car door handles in the area of St. Catherine Road North. A man and woman were subsequently arrested for tampering with a motor vehicle.

City resident Brandon Lee Brave Rock, 26, was charged with possession of stolen property under $5,000 and tampering with a motor vehicle. Rolanda Crying Head, 28, also from Lethbridge, is charged with tampering with a motor vehicle.

During their search, police recovered a new winter jacket, a pair of sunglasses, two gift cards, a small distinctive change purse and lottery tickets. Police say the male accused took police back to the vehicle where the jacket had been stolen and it was returned to its rightful owner.

Officers have not yet identified the owner of the sunglasses and other property. Anyone missing those items is asked to email propertyrecovery@lethbridgepolice.ca to begin the claim process.

Police add the property was stolen from vehicles in the Stafford Drive area, from 9 Avenue to St. Edward Boulevard North and 6 Street to 13 Street North. They remind residents to always ensure valuables are removed from their vehicles and their doors are locked.

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I hope and pray that this new unit is successful and is able to show the criminals police will be there now when they are committing crimes. My concerns are on the prosecution of the criminals once the arrests are made . . . has the province resolved our Crown Prosecutor issues yet?

The men and women members of LPS who work hard trying to clean up our streets deserve the support of the Crown and penal systems. One member told me going to work is ‘like drinking from a fire-hose’ due to the lack of enough officers for all the complaints.

There needs to be a stronger presence at night between 10pm and 6am, by the Crime Suppression Team. Once the Watch ends shifts at 10pm you see all the ‘negative users’ come into the areas patrolled and continue their criminal acts.

I have positive feelings for this new unit, but let’s face it, the common denominator to most of the crimes is ‘addiction ‘ and the crimes are committed to feed that addiction.

This can all be dramatically reduced by using effective treatment programs that are working in the US with as low as 16% failure rates, while our programs see 50-85% failure rates!

Get with rid of the addicts and crime drops because they no longer have to feed their addictions!

Let’s pray for spiritual wisdom, understanding, and revelation to be on the leadership, law enforcement and first responders of our city to end this addiction crisis, crime crisis and prostitution issues that impact our city!