January 24th, 2021

SACPA to discuss low-carbon future

By Kuhl, Nick on January 23, 2020.

Lethbridge Herald

Canada has joined many other national and regional jurisdictions in declaring a climate emergency.

Today, during the regular weekly Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs session, set for noon at the Royal Canadian Legion, speaker Bruce Wilson will present “Transitioning to a low-carbon future and a new economy: What are the main barriers?”

Wilson is an engineer and a former GM of Shell. He is now an independent consultant on the energy transition including carbon capture and the hydrogen economy.

He has supported environmental causes. When he was dissatisfied with the too gradual pace of Shell’s transition to renewable energies, Wilson parted with the company to take more direct action.

Wilson will contend the world’s economies must rapidly decarbonize over this decade to avoid lock-in to a future of climate extremes and damaging impacts to society. Canada will not be immune to the effects of global market de-stabilization, economic losses, climate migration, etc., and will witness gradual erosion of its economic basis.

Alberta’s challenge: how does the province transition away from an economy based heavily on hydrocarbon production without increasing social tensions and job losses? The speaker will discuss how a hydrogen economy could be pivotal in shaping Alberta’s trajectory of change.

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