January 20th, 2021

Playgoers’ next offering ‘Daisy’ is a play of the times

By Bobinec, Greg on January 29, 2020.

Greg Bobinec

Lethbridge Herald


The Playgoers Club of Lethbridge has entertained audiences with full-length comedies and one-act plays for more than 95 years, and this February, Playgoers will be presenting a script different from their usual genre.

“Daisy,” written by author and playwright Sean Devine, examines political advertising and its effect on elections and the public discourse, a topic which is prevalent in today’s society.

“We’re good at making people laugh, but I think it’s important for a club like ours to stretch its wings now and then and show the community there is more to Playgoers than comedy,” says Rita Peterson, artistic director for Playgoers. “Each one of the characters is unique and brings to the stage their own distinct personality. The strength of characters is a huge part of how I choose a script.”

The script is said to resonate clearly with the current political climate in North America, and Peterson feels the play conveys an important political message and the parallels of what happened then and what is happening now.

“Theatre has the power to change people, how we think and behave,” says Peterson. “If this play probes people to think about politics in a broader, more enlightened way, then we have done it justice.”

Lethbridge Shakespeare Performance Society members Cole Fetting, Trevor Loman and Megan Fennell join Victor Nwabougor as the cast of “Daisy,” along with veterans Allen Gibson and Karl Airey. “Daisy” will be taking the stage Feb. 19-22 at the Sterndale Bennet Theatre. Tickets will be available online through Ticketmaster or at Yates and Enmax ticket centres.

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