January 16th, 2021

University hosts open house for prospective students

By Bobinec, Greg on February 3, 2020.

Herald photo by Greg Bobinec
The University of Lethbridge opened campus to hundreds of high school students and others considering the university for post-secondary education, during their second annual Open House, Saturday afternoon. @GBobinecHerald

Greg Bobinec

Lethbridge Herald


University of Lethbridge welcomed high school students from the area, as well as other prospective students to their campus on Saturday to get familiar with the institution and its services with its Open House Event.

With plenty of options for people seeking a post-secondary education, the University of Lethbridge wanted to welcome students to their facility to help them get more comfortable and get all of their questions answered by the experts.

“The university is holding its second Open House event of the year and this is an opportunity for prospective students and their families to find out about all of the options that are available to them and encourage them to think about coming to the University of Lethbridge to study,” says Kathleen Massey, U of L Associate Vice-President of Students.

“Throughout the day we have some fantastic campus tours and also some information sessions. We have a booth fair as well so they can talk to representatives of the different academic areas and services and find out all there is to know about the University of Lethbridge.”

For students looking to apply for this fall, the Open House event was a good opportunity to explore their options in terms of programming and services, but was also an opportunity for people with more time to look at their options and learn more about their education direction.

“It helps them get a sense of what they would like to apply for and there is still time to apply, and then there is some people who are thinking a year or two ahead of time and scouting around and getting to know the university better before they apply,” says Massey.

“Our recruitment officers are fantastic, they work very hard to get to know information about all of the academic programs and services that we offer so that they can provide good advice to prospective students, to students just coming out of high school and they may feel overwhelmed, they can come and talk to our recruiters and academic representatives and advisors, and get their questions answered.”

The University of Lethbridge has a few new ways they are helping the student experience, from their newly introduced My Experience Transcript, which encourages students to gain work experience on and off campus, as well as the new Early Start Program to get students fully prepared for when classes begin.

“Another way that is new to help students make the transition to the university is with our Early Start Program, which is a two-week program that starts at the end of August,” says Massey.

“Students who are admitted to the university for their programs can register to begin early and get to know the university, navigate the services, get to know some of our faculty members, get comfortable with writing essays, and feel prepared to kick off their university career.”

As students work through their final months of high school and figuring out their next steps, the University of Lethbridge is assisting their transitions to help them grow their education and potential for the future. The U of L is still accepting applications for this year’s fall semester. More information can be found at ulethbridge.ca.

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