January 17th, 2021

Police safely dispose of live mortar rounds

By Kuhl, Nick on March 3, 2020.

Police disposed of two live mortar rounds that were located at the Supervised Consumption Site and in Galt Gardens over the weekend. Submitted photo

Lethbridge Herald

Lethbridge Police say they have safely disposed of two live mortar rounds that were located at the Supervised Consumption Site and in Galt Gardens over the weekend.

On Saturday, police say they responded to a report that a mortar round had been found by a client in the garbage can near the front door of the SCS, along the 1000 block of 1 Avenue South. Police said, in a news release Monday, they were subsequently contacted and SCS staff evacuated the building and surrounding parking lot as a precaution.

A member of the Explosive Disposal Unit determined the ordnance was an active explosive 82-millimetre mortar round, police said.

Last month, police say they had received a report that two unidentified subjects in a northside neighbourhood were observed in possession of a backpack that contained what appeared to be two explosive devices.

The complainant was able to provide a photo of the devices to police, which matched the round located at the SCS, police said.

A search of the building was undertaken but the second round was not found inside. A short time later police located and safely seized the second round just off a walking path in Galt Gardens.

Canadian Military Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians attended the city to assist LPS in the safe destruction of the rounds.

Police say an investigation is ongoing to determine who placed the mortars at the SCS and Galt Gardens.

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More shenanigans by the anti-SCS bunch?
Another cowardly act. Hope the get found.


Probably will end up being an addict, that broke into someone’s home with illegal munitions and maybe even firearms that they also stole, but since they were illegal, no reports were filed. They then couldn’t sell them, so dumped them!

There are plenty of scenarios . . . my suggestion would be let the police do their investigations and let them be the judge of whom the likely suspects are!

They already had a description and there are a high number of CCTV cameras at the SCS and near the SCS . . . it is just a matter of time! I would guess by the end of the week! I would bet, it is not one of the anti-SCS gang!!!

We are not the ones that have been intimidating, threatening and even going after the jobs of those that oppose the site and fight to take back our streets and businesses!


Just like the drive-by paintballers, right?