January 16th, 2021

Province’s park plan catches Lethbridge County by surprise

By Kalinowski, Tim on March 5, 2020.

Tim Kalinowski

Lethbridge Herald


Lethbridge County reeve Lorne Hickey says the County has not been officially informed if the province plans to divest or fully close Park Lake Provincial Park.

“I heard the rumour yesterday at the same time when everybody else heard it,” confirmed Hickey. “We (at the County) haven’t received anything in writing or anything like that. We do know a few years ago it was kind of in the rumour mill they had looked at closing it once. That was quite a few years ago. Unfortunately, it probably isn’t that big of a surprise, when you think about it, if they had looked at it once before.”

The province announced on Tuesday Park Lake was one of 10 provincial parks that would be removed from the parks system.

Hickey said he could not say whether or not the County might be willing to take over management of the park if the province asked. It’s also complicated by the fact the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District also has licences with the province to use the water from the lake, he added.

“Without talking to the LNID and some other players, it would be hard to say what the future of it’s going to be,” Hickey stated. “We would certainly have to have that discussion and see what’s what.”

Hickey was asked if he considered Park Lake a potential tourism asset for the County.

“It’s really close to the City of Lethbridge, and it’s a nice spot,” he said. “And it’s quite well-used, from what I understand. So I guess in some respects it certainly would be an asset. There would also be some expense involved in maintaining and managing it, and lots of other players involved at the plate.”

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