January 18th, 2021

City listing social service supports during COVID-19

By Jensen, Randy on March 26, 2020.


The City of Lethbridge has been working with the community to identify all organizations and businesses that are providing supports and services during the COVID-19 crisis and list them in one location for ease of use.

The City has been able to work with dozens of organizations and businesses to update their information or add it to Helpseeker.org, a website that has been used by the social service community for the past year.

By creating a searchable tag for COVID and opening up the ability to list supports and services to the community, the resource is helping create the most comprehensive list available by encouraging those offering services to populate the site with their information, the City said in a release.

One recently launched program is looking to offer a break to those organizations struggling to maintain staffing during the pandemic. Fifth on Fifth Youth Services has offered to co-ordinate a respite staffing program that will allow community groups to submit requests for staffing. This program will also give community members looking for work, with experience and skills working in the social services, an opportunity to submit their qualifications and interest to those organizations.

As agencies submit requests for respite staffing, Fifth on Fifth staff will send them the information on potential employees with the required qualifications, to speed up the process of finding suitable candidates and hiring them.

For information on other services and supports available to the community listed on the Helpseeker website, please visit http://www.lethbridge.ca/covidsupport.

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