January 19th, 2021

U of L locks down campus to restricted access only

By Jensen, Randy on March 31, 2020.


The University of Lethbridge announced Monday it is operating remotely.

Over the last two weeks the U of L has been working to allow its staff, faculty and students to complete the academic term from remote locations. In abiding by Alberta Health recommendations to limit gatherings and encourage physical distancing, the university is continuing to serve its students and the broader U of L community while keeping the health and safety of its people in the forefront.

“It’s important we think about the health and safety needs of the U of L community as well as the southern Alberta community first and foremost,” says U of L President and Vice-Chancellor Mike Mahon in a release. “I commend our faculty, staff and students for coming together to make this happen. That we have created, in a very short time, an environment that allows our students to complete the term, is remarkable.”

Going forward, only select faculty and staff will be allowed access to campus to tend to specific critical research programs and operational continuity. As well, students in need of Wi-Fi and computer access will continue to utilize Anderson Hall. Everyone on campus will be registered and expected to adhere to strict physical distancing protocols.

“Every indication we are getting from health authorities is that this is a crucial week in our communities for stemming the spread of COVID-19,” adds Mahon. “Physical distancing is something we can all do our part to control. If we, as a community, work together and really pay heed to the advice of our health professionals, it’s been shown we will be able to slow down the rate of transmission. Only a collective effort will help us keep our community healthy.”

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