January 15th, 2021

COVID-19 throwing wedding plans into disarray

By Sulz, Dave on April 3, 2020.

Dave Sulz

lethbridge herald


When a couple begins making wedding plans, there are many things to be considered, including possible scenarios that could cause problems, such as rain for an outdoor ceremony.

But who thinks to plan for a pandemic?

The COVID-19 crisis is an unforeseen event that has thrown wedding plans into disarray for many couples, including here in Lethbridge. Courtney Green is among those who has had to alter plans for the big occasion.

Green was preparing for her April 18 wedding when COVID-19 turned those plans upside down, as broad measures aimed at preventing the spread of the virus were implemented, including a halt on large gatherings. She and her fiance had been planning the big event for a year and a half since their engagement, and “to have it ripped out from under you is not easy,” she said.

It meant contacting everyone on the guest list to inform them of the change in plans.

“It was a lot of work,” said Green, adding her parents and her fiance’s parents chipped in to make the task easier. Everyone who had replied to the invitations was contacted, including those who weren’t planning to attend.

Various vendors had to be contacted, too.

“All the vendors have been incredibly nice and understanding,” Green said, who is now tentatively planning the formal wedding and reception for November.

“One of the biggest hurdles was the marriage licence,” said Green. “It’s good for three months. We only have a small window to complete the paperwork or start over again.”

As a result, the official ceremony will go on as scheduled because Green and her fiance want to have April 18 as their anniversary date. But the event will be scaled down to feature a civil ceremony with a justice of the peace and a few family members and friends, perhaps 10 to 15 people in total. It will all be done in accordance with the prescribed social distancing recommendations.

“We’re making sure the chairs will be two metres apart,” said Green, adding they will ensure plenty of spacing with lots of air flow.

April 18 won’t feature the grand wedding event she had envisioned, though, and Green admits that has been difficult to grapple with at times.

“It comes in phases… Sometimes I’m OK with it and sometimes I struggle with it. But I know it’s the right choice because I don’t want to put anybody at risk, especially family.

“I know it’s the right move but at the same time, it sucks. But it’s safe to say everybody is kind of in the same boat.”

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