January 18th, 2021

Gilbert Paterson band students to participate in worldwide documentary

By Jensen, Randy on May 8, 2020.


A group of students from Gilbert Paterson Middle School’s band class are working at being part of the world’s largest band.

Paterson band teacher Karly Lewis, who continues to teach her students online, became aware of a feature documentary that tells the story of world renowned trumpeter Ryan Anthony, who is proving to the world that art is essential for survival while battling his own terminal cancer.

“Anyone can participate and they’ve created band parts from beginner level to professional,” said Lewis. “Kids will be submitting videos of their parts for the documentary. Out of 225 band members I have about 40 so far and the due date is May 15.”

According to the documentary webpage, Anthony was at the top of his game when eight years ago he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Despite crippling treatments, he continued to play his music and could often be found suffering the after effects of chemotherapy backstage moments before he was due to perform. Despite what he was going through, Anthony continued to play every note as if it were his last.

Anthony’s family organized a charity “Cancer Blows” which has produced concerts featuring renowned musicians to raise awareness and funds to find a cure.

However, at the beginning of this year, despite stem cell transplants, Anthony learned his cancer had aggressively returned and he had likely six to 12 months to live.

A crew of Los Angeles-based documentary filmmakers have decided to capture Anthony’s battle against terminal cancer. A huge part of the story is how he took the musical piece “Song of Hope” by Peter Meechan and used it in his fight. It has become an anthem of strength, togetherness and hope that has been featured on concert programs around the world.

The filmmakers then reached out to as many musicians as possible, no matter what their level, to unite and perform “Song of Hope” alongside Anthony. Each musician downloads the music from the website, performs their instrumental part and sends in their video which will then be stitched together into one music video.

“This documentary will involve players worldwide and I will have Grade 6 kids taking part which is amazing,” said Lewis. “Just their images of them being part of this documentary will be exciting for them.”

For more information or to participate visit songforhopemovie.com.

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