January 15th, 2021

City beginning back lane rehab program

By Jensen, Randy on May 16, 2020.


The City of Lethbridge is beginning its paved back lane rehabilitation program. The program is designed to address paved back lanes that have deteriorated and require reconstruction.

There will be 13 paved lanes reconstructed over the next several months. Letters will be delivered to each home directly impacted by the work. The letters will provide residents with detailed information regarding lane and garage access as well as waste and recycling changes during construction.

At each lane rehabilitation location, crews will remove the existing lane material, rework the lane grades, reconstruct the surface and in some locations, adjustment or extension of the storm sewer system may be required.

To ensure the work can be completed safely in the COVID-19 environment, the construction contractor has provided the City of Lethbridge with protocols in alignment with the Alberta Construction Association’s COVID-19 guidelines.

There are 150 kilometres of paved back lanes across Lethbridge and the lane rehabilitation program is funded through the City’s Capital Improvement Program.

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