January 24th, 2021

Parenting during the pandemic

By Submitted Article on June 15, 2020.

Vicki Hazelwood


Today we know more than ever about the early years of children’s development. Especially that of the brain. The brain of a child that is nourished, nurtured, read to and played with, and protected from factors like stress and conflict, has the best chance of developing to its full potential.

Science shows that children who receive proper care, nutrition and stimulation during the first five years do much better in school, relationships, the workplace and in life.

Parenting is hard – especially during COVID. When a child is struggling, the whole family is affected. In Lethbridge we have several family-friendly organizations that want to help you make good decisions for your children and navigate the challenges of parenting. They are here to listen and explore the concerns and challenges of parenting and provide expert guidance on how to respond in the most effective way. And if you have a child who needs support, they offer resources that can help you get the best care for that child and the best outcome for your family. The following are some of the local organizations that serve families with children in the early years (0-6). They are here to help!

Family Centre currently is offering families with young children:

– Virtual Parent and Child Playgroups, Baby Programs, Parenting Power Ups.

– Virtual Growing Abilities for families with a child who has a disability.

– Parent Support and Consultation (variety of parenting topics from dealing with disobedience to managing sleep). Phone or virtual options.

– Ages and Stages Questionnaires: Fill them out online and facilitator will contact you to provide summary, activities and information on your child’s development. https://www.asqonline.com/family/aa1c9a

– Call: 403-320-4232 to register and for more information.

South Region Parents as Teachers is an >evidence-based >home visiting program. >Trained home visitors partner with parents and caregivers of children prenatal through age six in Lethbridge and >Southwest Alberta. >Free >virtual and/or phone visits. In-person visits will resume as safe to do so.

– Help your child learn, grow and develop.

– Talk about parenting challenges.

– Get help finding resources.

– Learn new ways to play with your child.

– Build strong protective factors to keep you, your child, and your family healthy, strong and resilient.

– Call: 403-320-5983 or visit: http://www.southregionpat.ca

Family Ties Association offers immediate parenting support in areas including: development, behavior management, structure, routine and expectations, coping with stressors and family self-care and wellness. Call: 403-336-4436 Monday to Friday 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Building Brains Together offers online parent education, parent and child research initiatives, and a curriculum of easy to play games and activities for children age 0-6. Visit: http://www.buildingbrains.ca or Call: 403-715-4585

Lethbridge Public Library has online services and programs, live streams, and curbside pickup available for families. Visit: http://www.lethlib.ca

Active Lethbridge Blog lists local activities to do with your children and is full of ideas to create fun, engaging memories with your littles. Visit: https://activelethbridge.ca/blog

If you are looking for information, programs, activities and services to support your child’s healthy development and aren’t sure which organization is a fit for your needs contact Lethbridge Early Years Coalitions.

Lethbridge Early Years Coalition connects caregivers of children age 0-6 to parenting resources, activities and services in our community. Email: lethbridgeearlyyears@gmail.com or Visit: http://www.lethbridgeearlyyears.ca

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