January 22nd, 2021

Police chief responds to dismissal of complaint

By Jensen, Randy on June 26, 2020.

Lethbridge Police Service Chief Scott Woods speaks with reporters Thursday morning outside the police station. Herald photo by Ian Martens


Lethbridge Police Service Chief of Police Scott Woods released a statement Thursday regarding the Lethbridge Police Commission’s dismissal of complaint made by Sgt. Jason Moulton.

“I am gratified at the recent dismissal by the Lethbridge Police Commission of the last remaining complaint filed against me by Sgt. Jason Moulton,” said Woods. ” I am pleased that the Commission found the complaint to have been frivolous and further lacking in any basis for a referral to the Minister of Justice for investigation. However, I am not terribly surprised at this outcome. A related complaint made against me by Sgt. Moulton was investigated by two separate external agencies (ASIRT and the Chief of Police of the Tsuut’inna Nation Police Service). In the course of those investigations, the following language was used to describe Sgt. Moulton’s allegations.

“…did not occur…┬ásheer fiction…no evidence

“The dismissal of a complaint like this does not normally warrant a news release. However, because Sgt. Moulton’s complaint was recently presented so publicly in the news media, to a peculiar degree and at a peculiar time, it seemed important to provide this information now, to balance and even correct the record.

“Hopefully, with the dismissal of this complaint, the Lethbridge Police Service will be allowed to move forward in our efforts to cultivate bias-free policing in our community, without the distraction of groundless complaints against its leadership. This commitment is important, not only to hold accountable the few officers who may fail, but also to uphold the honour and integrity of the vast majority of officers, who want to serve the community with diligence, respect and fairness.

“For as long as I continue to serve with the Lethbridge Police Service, it will be my pledge and privilege to support those officers in providing the policing that all of Lethbridge deserves.”

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