January 17th, 2021

City seeking feedback for programs, services

By Jensen, Randy on July 3, 2020.


Although in-person community engagement events aren’t possible at the moment due to COVID-19 restrictions, the City is looking to connect with residents digitally through the Get Involved Lethbridge website at http://www.getinvolvedlethbridge.ca. The Get Involved Lethbridge site has the capability to translate the content into more than 100 languages, making it more accessible to the entire community.

The Get Involved Lethbridge website is where residents will find all of the opportunities to interact with the City to provide feedback and share ideas. Check back often to see what’s new.

July engagement opportunities include:

– Recreation and Culture Master Plan (July 15-Aug. 5) – The Master Plan is a strategic document that will guide the City’s decisions and investment into these quality-of-life services (including facilities, programs and events). All Lethbridge homes have been mailed a postcard with a unique code for their household. By visiting https://getinvolvedlethbridge.ca/recreation-and-culture-master-plan residents can enter their code and complete their household survey.

– Performing Arts Centre (until July 13) – The City’s current theatre, Genevieve E. Yates Memorial Centre, is booked to capacity and cannot accommodate additional bookings or new performance opportunities in the future. Despite upgrades to the facility, there is still a high demand for quality performing arts space in Lethbridge. This project includes the establishment of the Performing Arts Centre (PAC) Steering Committee to guide the functional planning and preliminary design for a potential Performing Arts Centre. The City wants to hear your thoughts on this potential project. Visit: https://getinvolvedlethbridge.ca/performing-arts-centre-functional-planning-preliminary-design.

– 3 Avenue Beautification (until July 10) – In addition to the Reconstruction Project underway from 4 Street to 8 Street South, the City is also embarking on the 3 Avenue Beautification Project to rejuvenate the entire 1.6-kilometre corridor. The project will design both the esthetics and the function of the street, creating a safe, friendly, vibrant and appealing space for not just cars but also transit, pedestrians and cyclists. Visit: https://getinvolvedlethbridge.ca/third-avenue-south-beautification.

– Municipal Development Plan (MDP) (July 13-Aug. 10) – This plan is based on cultural, economic, natural environment and sustainability for the city and is intended to be the embodiment of the community’s vision for the future of the city. The population has grown and needs have changed. The City is reviewing the MDP to see what is working well and what needs to be updated or added to ensure this plan contributes to the quality of life of our community. Visit: https://getinvolvedlethbridge.ca/mdp-2019.

– Waste Management Master Plan (July 13-Oct. 7): This plan will help to determine the public’s satisfaction with the current garbage collection system, curbside recycling and other disposal programs. It will also look at innovative new activities to reduce reliance on landfill disposal. Input is being sought to help produce a roadmap for leveraging the programs already in place and propose new programs in order to further improve waste prevention and management in Lethbridge.

– Downtown Lethbridge Personas (July 8-24) – As part of the refreshed Downtown Lethbridge brand, the downtown is looking to develop a better understanding of who currently uses the downtown and how they would like to use the downtown into the future. This will allow for the evaluation of what services and amenities are missing from the downtown, and how to attract and retain residents in that space. Visit: https://getinvolvedlethbridge.ca/ourdowntown starting July 8 for more details.

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