January 15th, 2021

New arts season has different look

By Submitted Article on October 9, 2020.

Submitted by the Allied Arts Council

Fall is in the air. The temperatures are cooling off. We naturally want to spend more time indoors. The Farmer’s Almanac forecasts winter will be chillier and snowier than we’ve had in previous years. With COVID-19 still with us, it will be a challenge to stay healthy and active. We will have to adapt our activities to keep safe >and healthy >this winter. The arts are a way that we can >meet these needs.

Typically, we’d see the fall and winter arts events calendar full of performing arts events, gallery openings, exhibitions, classes and fundraisers, September through May. Many groups are taking their events online, hosting openings in reduced capacity numbers, postponing their events, or providing smaller, more intimate classes or an >online class option. Organizations may explore new opportunities; the community can support the arts by purchasing tickets and making donations, keeping many artists employed and supporting an economic sector.

The past six months have shown us the importance of the arts in our daily lives. From at-home arts tutorials to innovative new events shared in safe ways, the arts have kept us sane and healthy during a time of uncertainty. Artists remain innovative in their delivery of arts programming, knowing that we will not be returning to our previous state of affairs.

Staying active and healthy during this winter can take on many forms. Casa, New West Theatre, >Theatre Outre, >Haptic Dance Arts and other arts organizations are offering classes this fall and winter, following the recommendations from Alberta Health Services to ensure students of all ages and abilities are safe. Performing artists and organizations are offering concerts and theatrical productions online. Music lessons are being offered online and in the safety of your home by the Conservatory of Music. You can access many online arts classes from the comfort of your home, provided by both local organizations and across the globe.

This winter is going to be different; we won’t be gathering as we usually would. We have to find ways to stay healthy and active, remaining safe. The arts can provide a way to stay engaged and well during the darkest months of the year.

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