January 22nd, 2021

Teamworks Project Hire program to help with employee training costs

By Jensen, Randy on October 9, 2020.

Hafiz, Project Hire program participant, learns about the program from Heather Hacior, Teamworks Career Coach. Submitted photo

Tim Kalinowski

Lethbridge Herald


Local employers will have an opportunity to access funding for new employee training costs and wage subsidies through a new Teamworks Career Centre program called “Project Hire.”

Working in conjunction with the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce, Teamworks Career Centre will help train and refer workers looking for a career change to potential local employers. If the worker and the employer form a good match, the employer can then enrol in different programs to access substantial wage subsidies of up to 70 per cent through the worker’s initial training period to either provide on-the-job training, or to provide a paid work experience placement. Eligible employers may also be able to access additional grants of up to $1,500 to have these new workers receive supplemental training at Teamworks Career Centre for certifications like forklift operation or first aid.

To be eligible for this program employers must be able to offer on-the-job training, a route toward permanent employment, and must agree to undertake an assessment process at Teamwork Career Centre.

Potential employees must be at least 18 years of age and entitled to work in Canada, currently unemployed, actively seeking training opportunities for permanent employment, and be willing to undertake a training assessment with the Teamworks Career Centre.

“Project Hire is about short-(term) intervention to get people back to the workplace in the quickest time possible,” explained Ryan Miller, director of Teamworks Career Centre. “Really it is not about lengthy programs, it’s about getting in there, customizing the services to what the individual (job-seeker’s) goals and objectives are, and helping them get connected to where the opportunities are.”

Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce CEO Cyndi Vos said Project Hire would be a big help for local businesses who were seeking to train new employees in a difficult economic climate at the moment.

“Business can be complicated at the best of times,” she said. “And right now, we have had so many hurdles and so many roadblocks over the past couple months that ‘complicated’ doesn’t cover it É As an employer, knowing I could use this program to help rebuild, retrain, restructure my workforce – it’s very impactful. And it is an easy program to access and use.”

Funding for Project Hire comes from federal and provincial grants. In a rare showing of bi-partisan support for what the Teamworks Career Centre was trying to accomplish through this program, both Lethbridge MLAs, Shannon Phillips and Nathan Neudorf, attended the Zoom press conference on Thursday to welcome the program announcement.

Neudorf said getting people back to work was a priority for the entire government of Alberta.

“I think everybody would understand the change and transition we have seen this year is incredibly difficult,” he said. “It is very hard for someone who has worked in a career for years to change to something else. Teamworks is helping them to do that, and making it easier, and making those jobs more accessible. It just speaks to the care, the compassion, the initiative, that we have done here in Lethbridge.”

For more information on Project Hire visit the Teamworks website at http://www.teamworktraining.ca/ph-wpt.

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