January 19th, 2021

Police recover drugs, cash, weapons

By Jensen, Randy on October 10, 2020.


On Wednesday, Lethbridge Police Service (LPS) concluded a short-term drug investigation that led to the seizure of drugs and weapons.

Since early October, the Crime Suppression Team has been investigating a drug dial-a-dope operation, LPS said in a news release. Surveillance led to a traffic stop and the arrest of Brettan James Neill for possession for the purpose of trafficking and proceeds of crime. Neill was found to have seven grams of cocaine in his possession at the time of the traffic stop.

Following the traffic stop, a search warrant for Neill’s residence led to the seizure of $38,259 in drugs and $5,621 cash along with weapons and vehicles.

Neill was release on $3,000 bail and conditions with a court date set for Nov. 5.

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Most of the drug dealers in this city are young white men. They get named in the paper, but no one ever has anything to say about it when the name isn’t Indigenous.

Do they only save their outrage when it’s an opportunity to vent their (very) thinly veiled racism?

well, yeah.