December 3rd, 2020

SACPA to discuss support for Canadian Armed Forces veterans

By Jensen, Randy on October 21, 2020.


This week’s Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs session will discuss how well Canadian Armed Forces veterans are recognized and supported as they re-enter society.

With the approach of 75th Veterans Day ceremonies since the Second World War, the nation prepares to remember past and current Canadian Armed Forces veterans who have served both in Canada and in numerous conflicts around the world. While many civilians are familiar with the battles of both the First World War and Second World War, they are typically less familiar with the other important and challenging missions the Canadian Military have served in, such as Korea, Rwanda, Bosnia, Namibia, Haiti, Cyprus and Afghanistan, to name just a few.

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces receive excellent training and are proud of the work they have done, however, many of them encounter significant challenges when they leave the military and re-enter civilian society.

Speakers Brad Hagen, a registered psychologist, along with retired RCAF Colonel Wayne King, will address the various challenges veterans face (financial, vocational, emotional, physical injuries, psychological, relationships, PTSD, etc.), the kinds of services and support that are available for veterans, and how civilians can best recognize and support veterans within the community.

Thursday’s online session is set for 10 a.m. on the YouTube Live link

In order to ask questions of the speaker in the chat feature of YouTube, a YouTube account is required and participants must be signed in.

For further information, visit the SACPA website:

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