December 3rd, 2020

African continent hits 2 million confirmed coronavirus cases

By Cara Anna, The Associated Press on November 18, 2020.

NAIROBI, Kenya – The African continent has surpassed 2 million confirmed cases as health officials warn of infections starting to creep up again into a second surge.

The Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday that the continent had crossed that milestone. Its numbers show the 54-country continent also has seen more than 48,000 deaths from COVID-19.

The African continent of 1.3 billion people is being warned against “prevention fatigue” as countries loosen pandemic restrictions to ease their economies’ suffering and more people travel.

The Africa CDC director this week openly worried that the level of mask-wearing has gone down and called that dangerous.

While the world takes hope from recent news about promising COVID-19 vaccines, African health officials also worry that the continent will suffer as richer countries buy up supplies.

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