June 13th, 2024

Haiti’s transitional council appoints new Cabinet tasked with leading a country under siege by gangs

By Evens Sanon And Dánica Coto, The Associated Press on June 11, 2024.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) – Haiti’s transitional council appointed a new Cabinet on Monday, marking the final step in rebuilding the government that will lead a country under siege by gangs.

Government spokeswoman Kettia Marcellus confirmed the existence of the new Cabinet and its ministers to The Associated Press.

Carlos Hercules, the attorney for Prime Minister Garry Conille, is appointed as minister of justice and public security. Conille himself will be interior minister. Jean Marc Berthier Antoine will be defense minister.

Haiti struggles with gangs that control at least 80% of the capital of Port-au-Prince. Weeks of coordinated gang attacks forced former prime minister Ariel Henry to resign in April, and his Cabinet was dissolved. More than 2,500 people were killed or injured in the first three months of the year, and more than half a million were displaced.

Haiti is preparing for the U.N.-backed deployment of a police force from Kenya expected in the coming weeks.

Dominique Dupuy, a UNESCO ambassador who resigned from the transitional council, will be foreign affairs minister. She resigned in part because of political attacks and death threats.

The new Cabinet has four women. Critics note that Haiti’s government barely has female representation. One woman with non-voting powers sits on the transitional council, and no women were interviewed for the post of prime minister.

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