June 19th, 2024

Pamela Smart, serving life, accepts full responsibilty for husband’s death in videotaped statement

By Kathy Mccormack, The Associated Press on June 11, 2024.

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) – Pamela Smart, who is serving life in prison for plotting with her teenage student to have her husband killed in 1990, accepted full responsiblity for his death for the first time in a videotaped statement released Tuesday as part of her latest sentence reduction request.

Smart, 56, was a 22-year-old high school media coordinator when she began an affair with a 15-year-old boy who later shot and killed her husband, Gregory Smart. He was freed in 2015 after serving a 25-year sentence. Though she denied knowledge of the plot, she was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and other crimes and sentenced to life without parole.

Smart said in the statement that she began to “dig deeper into her own responsibility” through her experience in a writing group, that “encouraged us to go beyond and to spaces that we didn’t want to be in.

“For me that was really hard, because going into those places, in those spaces is where I found myself responsible for something I desperately didn’t want to be responsible for, my husband’s murder,” she said, her voice quavering. “I had to acknowledge for the first time in my own mind and my own heart how responsible I was, because I had deflected blame all the time, I think, almost as if it was a coping mechanism, because the truth of being so responsible was very difficult for me.”

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