July 23rd, 2024

Israeli army acknowledges Oct. 7 failures. But it says tank strike on home did not kill Israelis

By Josef Federman, The Associated Press on July 11, 2024.

FILE - A battle-scarred home in Kibbutz Be'eri, an Israeli communal farm on the Gaza border, is seen on Thursday, Jan. 11, 2024. Hamas held more than a dozen hostages in the home when it overran southern Israel on Oct. 7. The Israeli military said Thursday that Israeli hostages held in a home that was struck by tank fire last Oct. 7 were killed by Hamas militants, not Israeli shelling, as it released the results of its first investigation into failures during the deadly attack that triggered the nine-month war in Gaza. (AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov, File)

JERUSALEM (AP) – The Israeli military said Thursday that Israeli hostages held in a home struck by tank fire on Oct. 7 were likely killed by Hamas militants, not the Israeli shelling.

The conclusions were part of the army’s first inquiry related to the events of that day.

While the army cleared itself in the tank strike, it acknowledged a string of failures in its core mission to protect the country’s civilians.

Hamas stormed communities across southern Israel on Oct. 7 in an attack that caught Israeli security forces off guard. Roughly 1,200 people, mostly civilians, were killed and some 250 people were taken hostage into Gaza.

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