January 17th, 2021


Quick and easy cleanup tricks to keep the dog fur in check.


As dog parents, we’ve collected the best tips to minimize shedding, which in turn helps keep our home fur-free. Or in our case – mostly fur-free and the dog hair that we miss is referred to as golden glitter.

1.    Groom Often – brushing your dog often with a good brush, helps significantly with the amount of excess hair you will see around your home. Start brushing them when they are young to get them used to the brush. Dogs will eventually learn to love the gentle massage and belly scratches a good brush will give them.

2.    Wash, Rinse, Repeat – you can bathe your dog as often as once per week. In our case, unfortunately, we have to bath our golden girl every second day as she loves to get muddy.  If you do bathe your dog often be sure to use an all-natural shampoo, we use K9clean.com Zero Waste Dog Shampoo Bars that are made with all-natural ingredients and leave our pup smelling wonderful! Another trick is to wash your pet’s paws before they come into the house. Have a Portable Dog Shower by the door and give them a quick paw rinse which not only eliminates any toxins off their paws but prevents dirt from being tracked all over your floors. Who doesn’t love snuggling with your dog, especially when her coat is soft and clean.

3.    Upgrade his or her food with supplements – Take a close look at your pet’s diet. Dogs are carnivores by nature, and we are proponents of feeding a healthy RAW diet but be sure to upgrade your dog’s food with the omega 3 based foods to promote healthy skin.

4.    Protect your furniture – In every household, the dog has his or her favorite spot that they like to lounge. Usually, it’s the best spot in the house. In fact, if you want to sit in the best seat in the house, 9 times out of 10 you will have to move the dog. Be sure to cover those spots with a dog blanket, slipcover, or an old duvet. 

5.    Clean wisely – Before you break out the Dyson, go over any hardwood floor, or other hard surfaces with a microfibre mop or cloth spritzed with water. This will help pick up the loose hair. For your furniture, use the vacuum’s furniture tool or a hand vacuum.

At the end of the day, our philosophy is that our dog lives in our house. People are welcome to come and visit anytime but expect a few dog hairs to stick to your clothes. We vacuum and clean, but our dog lives here too.

What’s your dog’s grooming routine like? We would love to hear from you. Contact us at info@k9clean.com. To learn more about K9Clean, visit our website at k9clean.com.

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