June 18th, 2018

Respect gets earned in PPW’s ‘End of the Line’

By Photographer on January 5, 2018.

J.W. Schnarr Chris Perish's plan to splash The Irishman on the ringside stairs spelled doom for Perish after The Irishman rolled out of the way at the last moment. The Pair were part of a Last Man Standing Match in the main event which ended their long-running feud Saturday night during Pure Power Wrestling's "End of the Line."

J.W. Schnarr
Lethbridge Herald

Two bitter enemies became brothers at Pure Power Wrestling’s final show of the year over the weekend.

The main event at PPW’s “End of the Line” on Saturday featured a Last Man Standing match between The Irishman and Chris Perish. The pair were at each others’ throats for the better of 2017 and on Saturday night they literally left it all in the ring.

Ultimately, it was The Irishman who stood alone at the end of the match after Perish took himself out with a poorly-timed splash.

That splash was intended to finish The Irishman while he lay prone on the ringside stairs Perish had dragged into the ring.

Irishman moved at the last second, and Perish took the full force of his splash on his face. The move left Perish unable to get back to his feet before the referee finished his 10 count, and Irishman was declared the winner.

Following the match, The Irishman grabbed a mic and addressed the crowd.

“I got (Perish) because I got lucky,” he said. “You all just saw Perish whip my ass from bell to bell.

“I don’t care what anyone says. Chris, you have 100 per cent earned my respect. You and I don’t always see eye-to-eye, but after what you did tonight in this ring, you will always have a six-foot-three, beer-drinkin’ Irishman at your back.”

The two then shook hands, and then hugged as brothers to the delight of the crowd.

The other main card match featured “Cougar Meat” Kyle Sebastian defending his heavyweight title against “Youngblood” Kody Blayde, back in action in Lethbridge after a lengthy absence. Blayde and Sebastian put on an impressive aerial display and the match seemed in hand for the champion after he landed his devastating Pantydropper and covered Blayde for the pin. To his astonishment, Blayde kicked out and the match continued.

With Blayde seeming to have the champ on the ropes, Sebastian’s Adult Social Society partner “The Big Sexy Beast” Bradley Graham appeared, sopping wet from a backstage shower and wearing a towel.

Graham clobbered Blayde with the championship title while the referee was distracted and Sebastian took the win.

The PPW Cruiserweight title was also on the line as Travis “The Heat” Copeland put his belt up as bait to finally lure his rival “Cowboy” Bryn Watts into the ring.

This feud has been percolating for months and, for fans in attendance, it was an opportunity to see what Watts was really capable of in the ring.

Longtime Lethbridge wrestling fans will remember the epic battles between Copeland and Watts during their Powerzone days, and the newest chapter to that saga did not disappoint.

During the match, Watts took it upon himself to single out and intimidate a small child in the audience every chance he could. While in the ring, he hammered the champion until the match got completely out of hand and both wrestlers were disqualified.

A mixed tag match saw Cyanide teaming up with his manager, “The Black Heart” Vinnie Valentine against “The Real Deal” Sydney Steele and his partner, Angelica.

Angelica was seeking a measure of revenge after being humiliated and kicked in the face by Cyanide last month, and she and Steele made a strong showing by unveiling a number of team moves that left both Valentine and Cyanide on their backs.

With Valentine causing chaos in the ring, Steele was able to take advantage of the situation by hammering Cyanide with a low blow and scoring the win.

The evening opened with a planned match between “The Big Sexy Beast” Bradley Graham and fan favourite Jumpin Josh. The match was quickly halted by interim commissioner Valentine due to the size disparity between the two fighters.

Valentine made the match a triple threat with the addition of Kato, who promptly tried to pay Josh $10 to enlist his help taking on Graham. When Josh refused, he promptly made the same offer to Graham and plied him with popcorn. Graham accepted, and the pair spent the next few minutes taking turns beating on Josh and making a mess of the ring by getting popcorn everywhere.

Josh has proven his resilience time and again in the ring, however, and after being beaten senseless by Graham and Kato for some time, he managed to get Graham out of the ring long enough to score a fast pin on Kato. Then, as he so often does, Josh high-tailed it out of there before the other wrestlers knew what was happening.

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