March 31st, 2020



  • ‘I am the Good Shepherd’

    Lifted up Second of four parts Jacob M. Van Zyl In the main Greek traditions of the New Testament – Byzantine and Alexandrian – Jesus said, “When you lift up the Son of Man, you will know that I am,” not “I am He.” The “He” is added by some translations, pointing to Messiah. God [...] Read More »

    3 days ago
  • Salvation and exaltation

    Lifted up First of four parts Jacob M. Van Zyl In John’s gospel, Jesus said on three occasions that he would be lifted up (John 3:14, 8:28, 12:32). From the context, it is clear that he referred to the crucifixion, but there may be more to it. While explaining to Nicodemus that Father, Son and [...] Read More »

    1 week ago
  • Friends and enemies

    Sheep and shepherds Second of three parts Jacob M. Van Zyl When farmers send sheep by train or truck to abattoirs, it is not easy to get the animals from the vehicles to the holding pens. Farmers who have both goats and sheep conveyed a secret to them: use Judas-goats. Apparently, goats are smarter than [...] Read More »

    3 weeks ago
  • Giving and receiving

    Sheep and shepherd First of three parts Jacob M. Van Zyl Wildebeests, buffaloes, zebras and white rhinos are grazers (grass-eaters), while kudus, giraffes, duikers and black rhinos are browsers (leaf-eaters). Elephants, impalas, goats and sheep feed on both grass and leaves. During droughts, however, most grazers will resort to browsing out of necessity. Herbivores eat [...] Read More »

    1 month ago
  • Using our gifts and skills

    To be of value Third of three parts Jacob M. Van Zyl If you want to feel you have value, making a positive contribution to society, look at your natural gifts, learned skills, sudden opportunities and common sense. Gifts and skills indicate direction in the long-term for career and hobbies. Using your common sense with [...] Read More »

    1 month ago

Wheels Review

  • Subaru Crosstrek the right compact fit

    Al Beeber Lethbridge Herald When Subaru rolled out its smallest all-wheel-drive crossover a few years ago, it found a ready niche market. With the long-established Forester and Outback having established well-established customer bases, the Crosstrek slid into the lineup and made huge fans out of buyers wanting something smaller. The Crosstrek, years and a [...] Read More »

    9 months ago
  • Hyundai rolls out new SUV for the city

    New Kona the right fit for the urban environment Al Beeber Lethbridge Herald What does the Hyundai Kona have in common with the coffee of the same name? They’re both invigorating, smooth, captivating and irresistible. Of course, their names both have connections to Hawaii. And both will be appealing in any kind of weather. [...] Read More »

    2 years ago
  • Touring in spotlight at bike show

    Redesigned and new models give buyers plenty of choice Al Beeber Lethbridge Herald January may be the middle of winter but it’s also the start of motorcycle season for fans who make the trek to Calgary for the annual show of two-wheeled wonders. The Cowtown event gives southern Albertans an early chance to see [...] Read More »

    2 years ago
  • Ford F-150 sets the bar high

    2018 pickup gives buyers everything they need Al Beeber Lethbridge Herald Have you driven a Ford truck lately? If not, and you’re in the market for a high-quality pickup, you’re missing out. Ford’s F-150 has long been the favourite of truck buyers in North America and for many good reasons. After a mid-cycle facelift, [...] Read More »

    2 years ago
  • GMC reinvents Terrain

    Redesigned crossover spacious and powerful Al Beeber Lethbridge Herald With its redesigned 2018 Terrain, GMC is not just going to conquer the highway, it’s going win over the hearts of crossover fans. A tidier and — in this opinion — a better looking package, the new Terrain offers buyers a spacious and comfortable crossover [...] Read More »

    2 years ago