August 19th, 2019



  • Unique human qualities

    Life First of three parts Jacob M. Van Zyl What is life all about? Having a job and a family – is that it? Although these two, work and family, are great privileges, it may become somewhat boring if there are no new challenges and fun. Complacency with the endless repetition of the same-old may [...] Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Inequality inspires sharing

    Food Third of three Jacob M. Van Zyl Food and wealth are not evenly distributed on Earth. Each region is suitable for producing some foods, and unsuitable for others. There are marked differences between the tropics, moderate climates and the polar regions. Average rainfall and agricultural methods also determine whether countries produce enough food for [...] Read More »

    1 week ago
  • Toronto-based recording artist to perform two Lethbridge concerts

    Lethbridge Herald Melissa David will make a homecoming this month, performing a pair of concerts in Lethbridge, where she attended university before embarking on her present music and ministry career. As part of her 2019 Alberta Tour, the musician and composer will perform concerts Saturday, Aug. 17 at 10 a.m. at Joyful House of Prayer, [...] Read More »

    1 week ago
  • Nourishing body and soul

    Food Second of three Jacob M. Van Zyl David’s metaphor – The Lord is my shepherd – concludes with “I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” One senses that the green pastures and overflowing cup also have deeper meaning. God put it clearly to Israel that he gave them manna as bread [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • Coaldale centennial homecoming

    I was prompted to write this article about the upcoming Coaldale Centennial Homecoming on Aug. 3 and 4. Lydia and I have lived in Coaldale for the past 36 years and feel we should contribute something for this great event. I remember when the old hospital was open I took Communion to the sick there [...] Read More »

    3 weeks ago

Wheels Review

  • VW Arteon a game-changing car

    Al Beeber Lethbridge Herald Sport utility vehicles and trucks may increasingly be the preference of buyers but donÕt say goodbye to the mid-size sedan yet. Thanks to Volkswagen, shoppers have an exciting new reason to buy a car, yes an actual car. Meet the 2019 Arteon, a four-door fastback that has the potential to [...] Read More »

    3 weeks ago
  • Palisade elevates the mid-sized SUV

    Al Beeber Lethbridge Herald 2020 has come early to Hyundai dealerships with the launch of the new Palisade sport utility vehicle. And the next year is looking fantastic. The Palisade is Hyundai’s new flagship and a test drive in this sophisticated SUV will show buyers why. The new model gives the brand a high-end [...] Read More »

    1 month ago
  • Subaru Crosstrek the right compact fit

    Al Beeber Lethbridge Herald When Subaru rolled out its smallest all-wheel-drive crossover a few years ago, it found a ready niche market. With the long-established Forester and Outback having established well-established customer bases, the Crosstrek slid into the lineup and made huge fans out of buyers wanting something smaller. The Crosstrek, years and a [...] Read More »

    2 months ago
  • Hyundai rolls out new SUV for the city

    New Kona the right fit for the urban environment Al Beeber Lethbridge Herald What does the Hyundai Kona have in common with the coffee of the same name? They’re both invigorating, smooth, captivating and irresistible. Of course, their names both have connections to Hawaii. And both will be appealing in any kind of weather. [...] Read More »

    1 year ago
  • Touring in spotlight at bike show

    Redesigned and new models give buyers plenty of choice Al Beeber Lethbridge Herald January may be the middle of winter but it’s also the start of motorcycle season for fans who make the trek to Calgary for the annual show of two-wheeled wonders. The Cowtown event gives southern Albertans an early chance to see [...] Read More »

    2 years ago