December 18th, 2018


Letters to the Editor

  • City’s changes to sewer usage fees have made matters worse

    In the last year or two, the City of Lethbridge announced it was making changes to the way residents were billed for sewer costs. This was to address complaints that they were being charged sewer rates for water that was being used in their gardens in the summer (and, as a result, not going into [...] Read More »

    5 hours ago
  • Renovated library better reflects community’s needs

    I read Robert Tarleck’s letter “Requiem for a library” with interest. Mr. Tarleck and I appear to be at odds about what a library is and what it should aim to achieve. A library is a collection of resources. The public library system is intended to provide a collection of resources (including community meeting space, [...] Read More »

    5 hours ago
  • Coverage of yellow vest protesters missed some important points

    In your front-page coverage of the yellow vest protesters on Dec. 16, you completely ignored the fact that the protesters are anti-immigration, particularly singling out refugees seeking asylum. Their entire campaign is underlined by racism. Its alleged connection to protests in France is dubious as well. It would be helpful if your reporters did a [...] Read More »

    5 hours ago
  • Ritz a poor choice for Agriculture Hall of Fame

    Around Nov. 9, many Western newspapers contained a letter by Ian Robson of Manitoba, which pointed out the fallacy of former agriculture minister Gerry Ritz being inducted to the Agriculture Hall of Fame. The next issue contained a letter by Kevin Bender (chairman of Alberta Wheat Commission) strongly disagreeing with Robson’s analysis of why Ritz [...] Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Justice system needs to get tough on drug dealers

    If I give someone poison and get caught, I am charged with attempted murder and if they die – murder. The government needs to up the jail time for those dealing in illegal drugs. When someone is caught dealing fentanyl, crystal meth or other dangerous drugs, they should be jailed and not let out on [...] Read More »

    2 days ago


  • Sky will not fall in Bighorn plan

    Lorne Fitch PROFESSIONAL BIOLOGIST I’m an Albertan, one who grew up playing and working in the Bighorn (in western Alberta). I’ve watched the proliferation of land uses grow to the point the cumulative effect threatens all that the Bighorn epitomizes. All landscapes have limits and we have either reached critical thresholds in the Bighorn, or [...] Read More »

    5 hours ago
  • The Saudi Game of Thrones

    Now is the moment of maximum danger for Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MbS). He has weathered the immediate storm over the murder of Jamal Khashoggi two months ago. He even went to the G20 summit in Buenos Aires a week ago and persuaded several other national leaders to stand [...] Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Poorly written law leaves kids at risk

    Are parents hateful extremists for wanting to be part of their children’s lives? Theresa Ng and Donna Trimble Parents drop their kids off at school expecting them to learn mathematics, reading and writing. They do not expect their underage children to be ushered off school property during class time – without their knowledge – and [...] Read More »

    3 days ago
  • Help coming for addictions crisis

    The Legislative Assembly is lit up for Christmas, the fall session has finished, and an enormous amount of very good legislation has passed the House, some of which I will mention later in the column. Here in Lethbridge, both the community and the City have been battling hard on the frontlines of Canada’s addictions crisis. [...] Read More »

    4 days ago
  • Trying to understand our troubling times

    Al Barnhill We live in a world of uncertain and confusing conditions – a period of excessive prosperity and extreme poverty, of better health for many and premature deaths for others, of peace and warfare, good government and atrocities. The ongoing and growing conflicting dichotomies are endless. How can we understand such confusion? As a [...] Read More »

    5 days ago