August 25th, 2019


Letters to the Editor

  • Treatment ‘pillar’ needed

    The Lethbridge Citizens Alliance (LCA) Mission Statement, states: “We will create a safe community for our children and other vulnerable members by promoting an atmosphere of continuous awareness and by pushing for 4-pillar (Prevention, Enforcement, Harm Reduction and Treatment”) results-based treatment of drug abuse to stop these drug issues in our city.” “4-Pillars” means that [...] Read More »

    1 day ago
  • Let the people lead

    While it is insane, the stance taken against climate control by the People Party, it’s even more bizarre that Elections Canada clamps down on discussion of the issue. Our house is on fire and we can’t form a bucket brigade! Let us tell our wishy washy politicians, in the words of Dwight Eisenhower, get out [...] Read More »

    1 day ago
  • SCS is the best path forward

    Nice to see the thoughtful letters from Kim Siever and Michelle Brown in the Aug. 15/19 Lethbridge Herald. It has been said many times that the SCS is about saving lives and it is up to the mayor, councillors and citizens to pressure the federal and provincial governments to take the next steps such as [...] Read More »

    2 days ago
  • The art of growing old

    In Asian culture, old people are honoured and respected. So when I was ordained to be a minister, I tried to look older. The tenet still dictates my consciousness. I don’t want to be young again with all that struggle with self-confidence and frustration. Nevertheless, getting old is never easy. The ultimate insult for a [...] Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Climate has always changed

    I am not so sure about this new religion of climate change. We all know that climate has always changed, just look at the coal seams along the Alberta rivers. I don’t think that humans had much to do with that, then or now. Not to be confused with pollution. And about this food supply, [...] Read More »

    3 days ago


  • Greenland’s gamble on China

    From his purchase of New Jersey casinos to his proposed acquisition of Greenland, Donald Trump’s real estate deals have always been plagued by bad timing. The United States could probably have bought Greenland from Denmark in 1917 (when it did buy the U.S. Virgin Islands from the Danes), but he’s a century too late now. [...] Read More »

    1 day ago
  • Education funding worries loom as school year approaches

    This month’s ‘At The Legislature’ column by MLA Shannon Phillips As August comes to a close many of us are turning our minds to the upcoming school year as we get school supplies, lunch bags, and clothes ready for our return to the rhythm of school. More than one in five residents in Lethbridge West [...] Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Are we getting value for health-care dollars?

    The Fraser Institute says an average Canadian family of four will pay $13,311 this year for government health care. That is a 65.8 per cent increase in 22 years. Additionally, you pay for dental, eye care, massage therapy and prescriptions, or pay a premium for private coverage for this. It is important for Canadians and [...] Read More »

    3 days ago
  • Most Cdn. households ahead of those in U.S.

    Michael Wolfson Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics University of Ottawa Regardless of whether America is great, or about to be great again, a new analysis shows that Canadians outrank Americans on household income. The Economist magazine recently devoted a long section to a profile of Canada with frequent comparisons to the United States. [...] Read More »

    4 days ago
  • Canada should have a federal minimum wage

    The absolute minimum that employers can pay people to work is the most basic labour rule we have. And the Canadian government doesn’t even bother to make that decision for the million or so workers who are covered by federal labour laws. That includes banking, telecommunications, rail travel, trucking and one of the nation’s largest [...] Read More »

    5 days ago