October 27th, 2021


Letters to the Editor

  • Albertans deserve a social safety net that fosters individual resilience

    As the new Minister of Community and Social Services (CSS), it has been an amazing learning experience to travel the province and meet hundreds of Albertans over the summer. My passion for helping those in need goes back decades. I have dedicated my career to promoting healthy families and strong communities. In fact, when I [...] Read More »

    16 hours ago
  • LTC ‘pot shots’ were unfair

    Editor: As an incumbent member of Lethbridge city council, we are always held accountable.  That’s an important part of democracy and key to our job. I take offence when a special interest group takes pot shots through the local media.  Not once did the Lethbridge Transparency Council (LTC) reach out to me on an issue [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • Ivermectin no treatment for COVID-19

    Editor: The COVID-19 pandemic has been long and tiresome to say the least. We all want – and need – safe, effective therapies to help prevent more suffering and death.  Unfortunately, in the sometimes desperate search for treatments to prevent or treat COVID-19, an epidemic of misinformation has emerged around which medications are, and aren’t, [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • Fixing city’s social issues will take co-operation

    Editor: The biggest issue in Lethbridge is that we have social problems that are making this entire community less safe and less desirable as a place to live. Everything else will come together if we solve the homeless and addiction and drug-dealing issues. Basically we are perpetuating a cycle of wash, rinse, repeat. We should [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • City residents need to make their votes count in election

    Editor: In this municipal election voters have up to nine votes – one for your choice for Mayor, and eight for your choices for Council. With six candidates for mayor and 32 candidates for council, how can you make your votes really count? By voting only for the candidates that you really want elected. In [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago


  • Addressing tone, perception and commentary

    Chris Spearman – Mayor of Lethbridge With the active case numbers and ICU capacity issues, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have significant impacts in our local community and province as a whole. With the safety and health of employees at the top of mind, the City of Lethbridge recently made the decision to implement a [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • What does Trudeau win mean for western Canadians?

    What does another Trudeau win mean for Western Canadians? After all, the actual composition of the House of Commons changed little, and once again, the Liberals will need the support of either the NDP or the Bloc Quebecois to pass legislation.  So, for the most part, we can expect a continuation of some programs, including [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • Make your vote count on Oct. 18

    I realize we are all “election worn out” … two elections in such a short period of time, contentious issues left, right and centre (literally and politically) but now, more than ever, it’s time to put on your game face and get out to vote. When the dust settles on Oct. 18 we will have [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • Alberta needs to stand up pressures

    If you were counting on election season being over, guess again – it’s still in full force. The federal election just wrapped and municipal elections have taken center stage. On top of that we have school trustee elections, senate elections-it’s probably even your son or daughter’s class elections at school! This year, you may notice [...] Read More »

    3 weeks ago
  • Basic income would support the arts sector

    During the long days of isolation and shut-downs we’ve all had the arts to keep us entertained and connected. And though theatres, live music venues, and galleries were the first to have their doors shuttered, artists across disciplines continued to produce and present their work virtually, and often for free. This disruption is not only [...] Read More »

    4 weeks ago

Roast and Toast

  • Roasted & Toasted – December 8, 2020

    ROAST: To city council for wanting to cut police funding: We need all the police we can get to patrol all streets in Lethbridge to control the crime rate. More police on the streets and less criminals. One way to do this is when you have extra money don’t build or renovate any arts centre, [...] Read More »

    11 months ago
  • Roast and Toast – December 1, 2020

    TOAST: On behalf of many, I’d like to express sincere appreciation to the lovely little musical family who provides All Saints parishioners with a number of uplifting spiritual pieces at the Sunday morning Mass. While singing is not allowed during these COVID-19 days, their music feeds our hearts and our souls as we offer up [...] Read More »

    11 months ago
  • Roast and Toast – November 24, 2020

    TOAST: To the Blood Tribe for sponsoring the COVID commercials. More people need to pay attention. ROAST: Wow. Do as I say, not as I do. Re: Turning Point photo opp at city hall in Lethbridge Herald, Nov. 17, page A2. Great to see all wearing masks but what happened to social distancing. All of [...] Read More »

    11 months ago