September 20th, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Carbon pricing most cost-effective way to cut emissions

By Letter to the Editor on September 20th, 2018

I’ve just read the tirade – via Letter to the Editor – from Cosmos Voutsinos regarding an earlier letter in support of carbon pricing by one Ms. Lavallee in Ontario. I don’t need to go to Ontario to find support for carbon taxes; I can listen to Ralph Klein’s former treasurer Jim Dinning, or economists ... Read More »

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Defeatist approach won’t work

By Letter to the Editor on September 20th, 2018

Re: “Police deserve an apology,” Sept. 19 Lethbridge Herald. Last week, my caucus colleagues and I travelled to Lethbridge to prepare for the fall session of the Legislature, and to engage with the local community. We had the good fortune to meet with a wide range of residents and stakeholders and the issue that came ... Read More »

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What message are we sending our youth?

By Letter to the Editor on September 19th, 2018

An open letter to our government leaders: I am writing to you today to convey my concerns about the proposed supervised consumption site for Medicine Hat. My understanding of what I will refer to as “the injection site” is that it is coming to Medicine Hat as a health initiative mandated by the federal and ... Read More »

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U of L must work to create safer campus

By Letter to the Editor on September 19th, 2018

This open letter is sent to University of Lethbridge president Mike Mahon and inspired by the Meliorist article, “Letter from our Fellow Student,” published in April 2018. My concern stems from the fact that the existing sexual violence (sub)policy not only failed to respond and support the student, it also lacked sanctions against the perpetrator. ... Read More »

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Oil transport dilemmas

By Letter to the Editor on September 16th, 2018

Pro-pipeline leaders are determined to get the Trans Mountain expansion built; opponents vowed to stop or delay this project. Both sides believe their plan is good for Canada. The judicial system must protect the rights of both sides. Anti-pipeline groups can sue endlessly about procedures. Haven’t they had enough time for gaining information and voicing ... Read More »

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Moving problem around isn’t a solution

By Lethbridge Herald on September 15th, 2018

Two news features appearing in the Sept. 11 Herald proved an exercise in contradiction. On the front page, Police Chief Davis, in the article “Police chief recommends ‘The Watch’ program to help cope with opioid crisis,” states in that piece, “We can staff appropriately to be constantly displacing drug users and crime,” and further along ... Read More »

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Power, not celibacy, is the problem

By Letter to the Editor on September 15th, 2018

I read with interest Mr. Ouwerkerk’s letter where he links celibacy to the sex scandal in the Catholic Church. With respect, celibacy is not the culprit. The cause, quite simply, can be boiled down to one other word: power. Since the time of Constantine, the imperial hierarchy and power structures within the Catholic Church have ... Read More »

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Where’s the benefit from carbon pricing?

By Letter to the Editor on September 13th, 2018

Ms. Lavallee’s letter of Sept. 6 informed us that “Carbon pricing has shown it works.” My first reaction was to think that either she is delusional or she lives on another planet. She did not provide any evidence for her statement, only projected fear-mongering. In the real world, Germany’s carbon trade, for the last 10 ... Read More »

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Lethbridge should follow Hat’s example

By Letter to the Editor on September 13th, 2018

Last week I spent a day in Medicine Hat. What I discovered was a vibrant and clean downtown. What I didn’t see were people passed out, taking drugs, or any human waste. I also didn’t see anyone asking for money or food. I saw countless agencies offering help to those in need. Not handouts, but ... Read More »

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Seeking feedback about being better Canadians

By Letter to the Editor on September 12th, 2018

I am writing to seek your readers’ feedback to the following question: What can Canadians do to be better Canadians? I am seeking this feedback in connection with a book idea I have. The working title of my book is “Kiss The Ground You Walk On, Canada” and in it I want to convey the ... Read More »

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In praiseof Albertans

By Letter to the Editor on September 12th, 2018

Alberta is rich in diversity in land and life. Much land has been transformed by human needs but much still has its natural character and lifeforms. The final Castle Management Plan (CMP) was released on May 18 after extensive public input which ended on April 19. The natural state of the Castle Watershed goes back ... Read More »

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