December 9th, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Technology can bring benefits or dangers

By Letter to the Editor on December 9th, 2018

In high school I remember learning about Burrhus Frederic Skinner. We made jokes about him and thought we were cool. My buddy used to call everybody “Skinner” and we’d laugh and laugh. Only it’s no joke. With his Skinner box, B.F. Skinner released operant conditioning into the wild – stimulus and response, reinforcement or punishment. ... Read More »

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Attack on independent schools inaccurate and unfair

By Letter to the Editor on December 8th, 2018

Patricia and Tony Pargeter’s letter (Nov. 29) fires a broadside against faith-based education. These claims should not go unchallenged. In the first place, the Pargeters do not acknowledge the financial reality that independent schools save Alberta taxpayers money. Without going into detail, when a school receives only 70 per cent funding and no capital costs, ... Read More »

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Celebrate the differences of the season

By Letter to the Editor on December 7th, 2018

There are many ways to celebrate during Christmas time. At the kindergarten, an American teacher brought pieces of roasted turkey for us to find the “real taste of Christmas.” I was unimpressed: “What a boring, tasteless meat!” At my father’s church, we had a huge pot of pork and vegetable miso stew for the Christmas ... Read More »

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Action needed to deal with province’s massive debt

By Letter to the Editor on December 6th, 2018

It’s getting tedious how outmoded socialists continue to blame others for the massive debt the NDP have forced upon us. Notley and the crew are again throwing money at the oil problem by buying 7,000 oil cars and 80 locomotives. How long do you think it takes to deliver 7,000 oil cars? These are massive ... Read More »

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We need to stand for what is right and equitable

By Letter to the Editor on December 6th, 2018

The Pargeters boast of a merely human law. (letter to the editor, Lethbridge Herald, Nov. 29). I would contend that what was passed is an immoral law, trying to break down society to its lowest denominator. I think this quote by D. James Kennedy sums it up. “Tolerance is the last virtue of a depraved ... Read More »

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Low bail suggests two levels of justice

By Letter to the Editor on December 5th, 2018

We share the dismay of the Provost family upon hearing that Barnaby Provost’s killer – an alleged impaired driver going the wrong way on Highway 3 – was granted bail for the ridiculously low sum of $300. It would certainly seem there are two streams of justice in Lethbridge, one for the privileged and another ... Read More »

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Work of faith-based schools will amaze you

By Letter to the Editor on December 5th, 2018

After reading the letters section of Nov. 29, I said: “Wow, the Pargeters seem to know a lot about what is going on in religious schools.” Observing soldiers learning like preachers, being a cut above others, etc. But reading it again and comparing it with my own observations, I come to a different conclusion. If ... Read More »

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Trump-style politicshave cometo Alberta

By Letter to the Editor on December 5th, 2018

As per my morning ritual, I unfolded my Lethbridge Herald on Nov. 27 and promptly choked on my coffee. I was confronted with not one, but four, full pages of rhetoric, hyperbole and misleading statements. All paid for by a group called Shaping Alberta’s Future. Shaping Alberta was created by the UCP as an arms-length ... Read More »

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It’s time for Palestinians to say ‘yes’ to peace

By Letter to the Editor on December 4th, 2018

The Palestinian Arabs have had, and refused, many chances to have a territory of their own. If the following litany of refusals is appalling to Arabs, then they should make sure their leaders hear them, loud and clear. 1947 – A partition plan for the Mandate of Palestine would give Jews and Arabs a variety ... Read More »

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Pipeline opponents reap what they sow

By Letter to the Editor on December 4th, 2018

Well, the SOTFLs (Society of Treehugging Fruitloops) should be proud! After years of polluting the industry with their stupidity, they finally got what they obviously were wishing for. The world’s longest oil-car train will soon march its way across the Rockies and Canada. Well done, SOTFLs, you sure know how to protect a planet! To ... Read More »

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Co-ordinated teamwork beats addiction

By Letter to the Editor on December 2nd, 2018

Serving for two decades as pastor/psychologist at Ramot, a church-run addiction treatment centre near Cape Town, was a privilege. The 10 facilities I visited in Europe had long-term programs of a year or more for in-patients. Other facilities I visited (10 in the U.K., two in the U.S., five in Canada and five in South ... Read More »

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