February 21st, 2019


NDP handling of public consultation casts shadow over Bighorn plan

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on February 21st, 2019

Provincial gov’t showing disregard for stakeholder, public input regarding Bighorn Country Brent Hodgson PRESIDENT, ALBERTA OFF-HIGHWAY VEHICLE ASSOCIATION For Alberta off-highway vehicle (OHV) users and an increasing number of user groups, municipalities and First Nations to say the provincial government’s approach to consultation regarding public land-use policies has been troubling would be an understatement. The ... Read More »

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Sign of progressive thinking

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on February 20th, 2019

U of L’s Destination Project a place where education meets industry Cheryl Meheden Lethbridge might be one of Canada’s driest cities, but it’s soaking in curiosity. As a city with a college and a university, education nourishes us. Learning opportunities spring up in many forms and many settings. They spill into everyday life in our ... Read More »

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Gov’t sustains damaging blow

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on February 19th, 2019

Demoting justice minister may turn out to be big mistake When the history of our political times is written, the decision last month to take the prestigious justice ministry from Jody Wilson-Raybould may go down as the Trudeau government’s most calamitous mistake. Even if Wilson-Raybould wasn’t quite up to snuff, even “difficult,” as unnamed government ... Read More »

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Spain and the ‘Catalan problem’

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on February 16th, 2019

It’s been a busy week in Spain. On Tuesday 12 Catalan leaders of the attempted secession from Spain in 2017 went on trial in Madrid, charged with rebellion, sedition and the misuse of public funds. And on Wednesday the Spanish government fell when two small Catalan nationalist parties voted against its budget, essentially to punish ... Read More »

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Air traffic reaching new heights

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on February 15th, 2019

This month’s ‘From City Hall’ column by Mayor Chris Spearman Since the City of Lethbridge took ownership of the Lethbridge Airport in the spring of last year, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in passenger traffic. A recent report from Tourism Lethbridge shows a 75 per cent increase in passenger traffic. The report compares passenger numbers ... Read More »

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Unlocking business innovation

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on February 14th, 2019

Colleges and polytechnics hold the key but need consistent government funding Sarah Watts-Rynard and Denise Amyot Canada is at an innovation crossroads. Productivity measures have long lagged our international counterparts and our small businesses often lack the internal resources to fulfil their potential. Developing new prototypes, adopting new technologies and designing new processes takes time, ... Read More »

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Change needed in how we recycle

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on February 13th, 2019

We are told the carbon tax will encourage “consumers” to reduce consumption of anything contributing to carbon emissions but in many cases we have absolutely no control. The excessive plastic packaging for cannabis you can now buy legally is ridiculous. It is not the suppliers/producers that designed the packaging, it was the federal government that ... Read More »

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Timid effort on election meddling

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on February 12th, 2019

What an awfully Canadian approach the Trudeau government is taking to the problem of potential foreign meddling in our elections. A committee of senior bureaucrats, operating under the weighty acronym of the SITE (Security and Intelligence Threats to Elections) task force, will be standing by to alert voters if any outside entity tries to interfere ... Read More »

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The Great Dying and Little Ice Age

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on February 9th, 2019

How disease-fuelled deaths led to a cooling of the planet The Black Death killed about 30 per cent of the European population in a few years in the middle of the 14th century. A century and a half later the native people of the Americas were hit by half a dozen plagues as bad as ... Read More »

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Fighting for southern Albertans

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on February 8th, 2019

This month’s ‘At The Legislature’ column by MLA Maria Fitzpatrick Thinking back to 2015, just after our election, we were thrust straight into the fire! There was a hot local issue facing Fifth On Fifth Youth Services, and other similar groups around Alberta. The former Conservative government had cancelled their FCSS funding allocation, generating a ... Read More »

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Step toward an electric future?

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on February 7th, 2019

Electric vehicles are still a long way from outnumbering traditional gas-powered automobiles, but a key step toward that possible future was taken this week in southern Alberta. Thanks to a collaboration between civic administrations across the south and the Alberta government, plans are being put in motion for a 20-station, $2-million “Peaks to Prairies” network ... Read More »

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